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What is possible these days? Ideas for an interesting and successful life as soccer coach. Being a coach is work, which includes being also at the base without getting rich. You have earned it to receive the best information and will ensure this.

Let us set out...step for step

Let us set out...step for step

We start out together today and climb up a mountain together. Whoever wants to reach the top must first take the way to it. Let us set out...step for step!

Support Physical Activity

Support Physical Activity

Football Is a Way to Support Physical Activity among Students.In an era dominated by technology and sedentary lifestyles, fostering physical activity among students has become a critical concern for educators and parents alike...

Barça - Drill - Uno-Dos-Tres

Barça - Drill - Uno-Dos-Tres

As coaches we know that a game of 4 against 4 includes all the major tactical as well as technical elements of a normal soccer game. It is therefore an excellent drill, and not only for our emerging young soccer stars.

Team Discipline among Students

Football - Team Discipline among Students

Football, known as the beautiful game (“o jogo bonito”), extends far beyond the boundaries of a mere sport. It serves as a dynamic platform for fostering essential life skills...

‘Tiki Taka’ Code

Has The ‘Tiki Taka’ Code Been Deciphered?

Has The ‘Tiki Taka’ Code Been Deciphered? The successes of Munich and Dortmund are a consequence of years spent analysing Spanish soccer. Every pro coach dreamed of his team one day being able to play like Barcelona, but what was missing were really talented players.

Learning and training management

Learning and training management

Football students' journey in today's fast-paced sporting world goes well beyond simply kicking a ball around; their journey requires a comprehensive learning and training management system ...

A Father As A Coach?

A Father As A Coach?

Congratulation! What type of problems does a father-coach face? What type of problems does a coach-child face? What type of problems does the surrounding environment face (parents, fans)? Try to conquer the problems of a coaching father!

Tiki-Taka In Soccer Practice

Tiki Taka

"Tiki-Taka" is the latest phrase used to describe how the game is played by the Spanish national soccer team and FC Barcelona...We don't want to close this article without giving you a practice formation typically used by Barcelona.

On Dealing With High Performers On The Team

Talented players

Talented players usually are aware of their special position and this often leads to arrogance.
In every team, there are one or two players who stand out from among their team mates in their athletic performance.

Muscle Pain After Soccer Matches Or Training!

Muscle Pain

Getting rid of pain… causes and prevention!
Everyone has experienced it –you get home after training, your leg muscles are hurting slightly, but you just go to bed thinking that you’ve put in a good training.

Soccer Coach: The Training Plan!

The Training Plan

Doomed to failure? - We often get the question why aren‘t there training plans available at Soccerpilot ? The answer: Each team is different. One can‘t just put together workouts and place them under your noses, that would be going the wrong way.

A Soccer Player Is Developed

Soccer Player

For example, whoever does not learn the feeling and techniques with the ball in the young years, leapfrogs over these steps of learning. This can then be made up for later, but the observer will always recognize it since something is missing in the skills.

Become The Goal-Getter Now - Practice Tips


You hit the ball perfectly, the goalkeeper leaps across the goal, but has no chance whatsoever and you will see how the ball whizzes past him into the goal and gets caught in the net.

The Goalie Is The Game Decider

The Goalie

The times are over when a player gets put in the goal because they are of no use on the field . Especially in youth soccer, it's important that the children don't specialize in the goalie position too early.

The pain is a warning signal sent by the body. The pain can be alleviated by the ice spray, but the injury remains. An injury can worsen when the player lacks any sensation of pain.

The Goalkeeper And His Reflexes


"What a reflex!" is a sentence that is often heard in soccer. Certainly, goalkeepers often don’t have an easy time, what with all of the stimuli catching their eyes. But where do these reflexes come from? You either have or you don’t have?

How Much Does A Soccer Coach Earn?

How do I find the right team?

Coaches who are at the top of their game easily earn eight figures. Being a soccer coach can be a very lucrative job, but anyone wanting to be a coach for this reason should think again. The chances of being able to live off of a coach’s salary.......

Two left feet?

Control the ball equally well with both feet

Learn how to play soccer with the foot that has no talent. Every soccer player dreams about being able to control the ball equally well with both feet. But let's not imagine anything, since one foot will always be the weaker one; this is no different for professional players, either.......

The Soccer Coach Is The Conductor

The Soccer Coach

No matter what happens, the soccer coach always has the last word. How practices are run, who plays, meetings , schedules, and setting internal penalties for violations against the social structure. Often the coach also.......

Anzhi Makhachkala – Soccer is Madness

Anzhi Makhachkala

What, never heard of them? Then we can enlighten you, seeing as we have already learnt the name by heart and try to introduce this club to every conversation about soccer. It makes an impression, and it’s fun to see the astonished.......

FC Barcelona - without any stupid running

FC Barcelona -  without any stupid running

Barcelona is revolutionising the training theory of professional soccer. At FC Barcelona, running is absolutely off the agenda. Three minutes is the longest time that the players will run.......

Be well prepared for a free kick!

Prepared for a free kick

You will hit it and the goalkeeper does not have the slightest chance! Whether a free kick or a penalty shot, the right preparation is always important for a successful kick. This starts a long time before the run-up.......

Klinsi’s back

Klinsmann is a hard worker

Klinsmann is a hard worker and he will completely clean up the national team. He won’t be afraid to start arguments with the US soccer association about his ideas, including those about developing young players.......

My name is José Mourinho and I love myself

Best soccer coach in this world

Every critic becomes silent sooner or later since his quotes are almost always followed by success. Please see below a small choice of creations of the currently most successful soccer coach.......

Learning and Training Management II

Learning and Training Management II

In the competitive and ever-changing world of football, learning and training management is crucial. This article details the ideas and methods that help football students ...

Clara Schöne is back ...

Clara Schöne is back ...

Higher cognitive performances and top-quality of learning movements (processing depth plus varigated learning level), these are the requirements needed for successful creative actions on the pitch at the highest game level.

The Soccerpilot-Documentary

The Soccerpilot-Documentary

This documentary describes the career of four the talented boys over a period of twelve months: Boipelo Mashigo, Nikhil Balachander, Aaron Keller and Dominique Girtler.

Both Teams to Score

Both teams to score

Why is sports betting so popular these days? Maybe because it's a combination of two things that many people hold dear: gambling and, well, sports. This pastime is a good fit for almost anyone,.......

Learning and Training Management III

Learning and Training Management III

Football requires more than raw talent; to become an expert requires not only raw talent but a structured approach to learning and training. In this blog post, we delve into the intricacies .......

The Unforgettable Anfield Experience

The Unforgettable Anfield Experience

A nice experience for the whole family: a visit to soccer together and not just anywhere, but where soccer belongs. Now it's getting exciting, find out more with this article.

How Columbus Crew Joined the Elite

How Columbus Crew Joined the Elite

Columbus Crew made history by winning the MLS Cup in December to ensure they ended 2023 on a high. The eventual champions battled against adversity throughout the season.