Free downloads And Templates For Soccer Coaches

Pitches, report sheets and training aids

Pitches, report sheets, training aids, or tournament plans (coming soon), all the downloads offered here support soccer coaches in their daily work.

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So what are we planning for the future? Quite a lot, for example team management or game evaluation. If you already have templates like these, please let us know - you can help support fellow coaches by adding to our free downloads.

Please note that coloured templates are considerably more expensive to print. However, we will have some available in future, just because they look better.

Soccer game report - PDF-Download

Free soccer template game report

Game report sheets to record the most important details of the match and team formation. Make your work easier with a plan of the pitch to draw in the most important moves and a section for notes.

This report sheet isn't just for your own team, it also makes keeping an eye on future opponents a lot easier.

Complete soccer pitch - PDF-Download

Free soccer pitch download

A plan of the complete pitch, to show moves, drills or team formations.

It's easy to draw in directions for running or passing. Plan the formation for your next match, or demonstrate tactics to your players, quickly and simply.

Soccer half-pitch - PDF-Download

Download - Soccer half pitch for soccer coaches

A half-pitch plan is often useful to depict methods of attack or defence.

Below the plan, there's plenty of room for notes, which makes it ideal for drills. Make your own collection of training exercises!

Soccer 2x half-pitches - PDF-Download

Soccer coach - 2 half pitches

This template saves paper, and you can put two variations of a drill on one sheet.

This pitch plan also makes tactical moves or player distribution easy to explain. Recommended to clearly display attackers and defenders separately.

Soccer horizontally pitch - PDF-Download

Horizontally pitch - Download coaches

A complete pitch, horizontally on A4.This makes the pitch smaller of course, but provides a lot of space for notes.

This template is also suitable for match notes, and can be used to supplement to our match report sheets – for example, one sheet can be used for the first half, and the other for the second.

Soccer 2x horizontally pitches - PDF-Download

Soccer pitch download

Two pitches, arranged horizontally on an A4 sheet. If you prefer to make sketches and you don't need a lot of notes, this template is ideal for match reports.

The first and second half of the match, arranged clearly on a single sheet, or two different situations – just two examples of what this template can be used for.