Be well prepared for a free kick!

You will hit it and the goalkeeper does not have the slightest chance!

Whether a free kick or a penalty shot, the right preparation is always important for a successful kick. This starts a long time before the run-up.

Keep in mind: the slow horse reaches the mill and that is why the player should take all the time he needs, so he can focus completely on his task.

Do not let yourself get distracted by your environment. Ignore the mind games of the opposing players and also the well-intentioned advice of your team mates.

The perfect shot is the only thing that counts right now!

Try to develop a ritual and always stick to it, because then you will get a routine which gives you security and self-confidence.

Do never try anything new, that is what practice is for. During practice, you can develop your personal routine; take your time for it. No player should ever perform a free kick or a penalty shot without being mentally prepared.

Be well prepared for a free kick!
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If your head is into it, the shot will work out with a little talent of yours

Here we go:

  • 01. Position the ball yourself.
  • 02. Observe the position of the goalkeeper and in case of a free kick also the position of the defensive wall.
  • 03. Do not yet decide on a corner or a special technique (bending, high kick…).
  • 04. Take some steps backwards. It is good advice to always take the same amount of steps.
  • 05. You can turn around while going backwards or go backwards facing the goal.
  • 06. Take a deep breath and decide now, where you want to shoot the ball. Yes, take a good look at your target!
  • 07. Imagine how the ball will hit the net. Positive thoughts are important.
  • 08. Take a deep breath one more time.
  • 09. Remember: you will hit the ball perfectly and the goalkeeper has no chance at all.
  • 10. After the shot look up to watch how the ball hits the goal.

If you want the ball to circle around the defensive wall, you need to keep in mind: the bigger the angle of your run-up, the easier it will be to perform such fine techniques. A shot from a bigger distance will be more precise, if you do not aim for a target inside the goal but a target between ball and goal. Investigations have proven this. In case of a free kick, the target can be the point at the defensive wall where the ball is supposed to fly by.

But the most important thing is: take your time while performing the shot and have an exact target. If you are unsure, concentrate anew, otherwise you won’t score.