Soccer Coaching–Basic Techniques

What shooting, passing or other techniques are there and what’s their correct execution?

Soccer training - Techniques | What must I pay attention to as a soccer coach? We provide the answers.

Train your players in basic soccer techniques. Leg and foot positioning, body posture, is there correct movement? Good techniques are the basic requirements for successful play.

Inside of the Foot Pass

Soccer Techniques

The “inside of the foot” or instep pass is the safest soccer pass.Because of the large contact area between the ball and the foot, very precise passes can be executed. The “inside of the foot” pass also allows for exact passing and volleying to a partner...

Outside of the Foot Pass - Basics

The chip cross is mainly used for hard shots

The “outside of the foot” pass is often employed to avoid kicking with the “weaker” foot. This fact must be taken into consideration when training youngsters. The “outside of the foot” pass may only be used ...

Chip Cross - Basics

Chip Cross - Soccer Techniques

The chip cross is mainly used for hard shots on goal and wide, high play. In contrast to the “inside of the foot” pass, the chip cross is not recommended as much for near-distance passes. There is very little ...

Dribbling - Basics

Dribbling is one of the fundamental aspects of soccer

Dribbling is one of the fundamental aspects of soccer. Without good dribbling basic training, the player in possession stands no chance against the modern defender in a tackle. The attacker must be adaptable and creative ...

Soccer Techniques- Drop Kick

Drop Kick

The dropkick is largely similar to a volley. With the drop kick however, in contrast to the volley, the ball touches the ground during the shot. The best introduction to this technique is as follows: hold the ball with both hands–let it fall –dropkick. . The next step is similar ...

Throw-In Technique

Practical Tips for the Perfect Throw

With Practical Tips for the Perfect Throw - It can go no further, but it can go more successfully - How can a player throw a ball as far as possible? - Common throw-in rule violations - Optimal throw-in - Common throw-in rule violations ...

Controlling the Ball with the Chest

Learning soccer techniques

When learning the technique, the players should approach the balls themselves by throwing them slightly in the air, then increase the height of throw and continue to balls thrown from various heights. In the next phase ...

Header - Basics

Learning Header - Basics

Different types of header techniques: header from a standing position, after jumping with both feet, after jumping with one foot and Diving Header. With every technique the ball can be directed by body turns ...