Both Teams to Score

Why is sports betting so popular these days?

Why is sports betting so popular these days? Maybe because it's a combination of two things that many people hold dear: gambling and, well, sports. This pastime is a good fit for almost anyone, no matter their opinion towards the game in question. If you're a sports fan, placing a wager is the perfect way to add excitement to an already thrilling form of entertainment. For others, it's a last-ditch effort to avoid falling asleep during the big game!

Betting on a game's outcome makes plenty of sense for avid followers of the game. If you enjoy tracking your favorite players and calculating your team's statistics, why not use some of that knowledge to earn yourself a tidy profit? On the other hand, there are those who don't root for one team or another but instead hope for both teams to score as much as possible, promising an exciting game to watch on TV. Luckily, there are wagers tailor-made for these folks, too. If you thrive on excitement more than anything else, you can try betting on how many goals will be scored or whether the game goes into overtime. Just about anything goes!

Both teams to score
©Anja Greiner

Whether it's football, rugby, tennis or curling, nearly everyone has a sport that they simply can't bear to part from – even when it's not in season. Okay, betting on games is over until next year, but you don't have to go completely without… not when there are so many sports-themed casino games available online! Many of the popular sports betting web sites offer an assortment of other games, like slot machines and even poker, all with a sporty theme. While it's not quite the same as watching the World Cup or the Super Bowl, it's a fun way to spend time until next year's opening whistle comes around!