Author: Matthias Nowak

We start out together today and climb up a mountain together

Let us set out...step for step

Author: Matthias Nowak Individual coach for professionell players, U19/U17 players, brain coach, Life Kinetics Premium Coach, creative and technique trainer FC Bavaria Munich (Women), motivation and success consultant Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Let us set out...step for step

Whoever wants to reach the top must first take the way to it.

Do you love a person? Yes? Prima! Also more? Yes? Wonderful!

For a coach who cares for his self-respect and loves other people, failure is neither an option nor a goal.

My idea for today:

We start out together today and climb up a mountain together. Who knows what great peak experience awaits us...

Is it not so? Every coach always needs a new peak experience now and again. Old peak experiences have only a short shelf-life.

Each new peak experience creates a new positive experience that inspires us and gives new strength...and new fantastic views!

When was your last peak experience? When exactly? Do you still remember how you felt?

We simply start to go up...

But many of us have doubt or fear and ask ourselves:

Can I make the long way to the top?

My suggestion sounds simple and is: We simply start to go up...on and on...always further and further until we are standing at the top of the mountain!

Too simple? Right! It takes belief. Without belief in your and my abilities you and I will not succeed.

Real Madrid men's team who in one season lost 7x in a row

A coaching colleague of mine told me the following short story:

His team lost 4 games in a row. The games were really close but were losses...his team did not play bad but the bottom line is, only the points count. And out of the 4 games there were 0 points. His team was depressed...and now also lost the 5th game and this time clearly with 0:3. As the players sat in the locker room and began to blame each other, the coach intervened and said the following:

"As we now lost 5 games in a row, that does not mean at all that we are not a good team. Think about the Real men's team who in one season lost 7x in a row and still became 2nd in the Primera División. So, starting now the wins will come. Understood!"

The team won their next game clearly with 4:1.

By the way the Real men never lost 7x in a row in one season. This "white lie" enabled the players to believe in themselves again that they could win. Belief creates facts! It depends on our beliefs if we will have a peak experience or if we will stay in the valley below.

Let us set out...step for's worth it!

Matthias Nowak

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