Author: Matthias Nowak

Clara Schöne is back ... technique and creative training

Movement task with the ball: exercise: "Rio"

Author: Matthias Nowak Individual coach for professionell players, U19/U17 players, brain coach, Life Kinetics Premium Coach, creative and technique trainer FC Bavaria Munich (Women), motivation and success consultant Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Higher cognitive performances and top-quality of learning movements (processing depth plus varigated learning level), these are the requirements needed for successful creative actions on the pitch at the highest game level.

Creativity in soccer therefore always asks...are there any more...surprising options?

Creative players in today's soccer era are becoming increasingly competitive advantaged and at the same time brings us to the actual problem of the player's training.

Only 1 of 1000 players has a above average of creativity. This number has been scientifially proven and makes us as coaches concerned, doesn 't it? Perhaps we understand a lot better now why younger players have such a high market value. It is owned to the simple principal offer and demand!

What is to be done?

Sports scientist Daniel Memmert researches at Deutsche Sporthochschule in Köln, creative elements in soccer and is sure can learn creativity!

This is what "Rio" is about

Agreed! The introduced movement task by clara schöne is primarliy about the movement competents of the player. What do I mean in this connection with high quality of "learning movements?" We humans always learn well when something "New" interests us and/or in search of meaningfulness or insight. In my movement task Rio, the network of Neuronen is activated for Clara " to support" her with the movement task. Thereby different neurons have to "talk" to each other. In this process the Neuron connections change and strengthen each other. "That's it" says Franz Beckenbauer!

That's how "Rio" succeeds

This exercise will only succeed though when the player concenates totally on her task. ( selective attention) and that is the decisive added value! As a coach go and give the self-experiment a try.

On numerous classical technique training units, it does not come this high quality of learning movements. This means that little remains in the own movement programme. By the skilful compilation of my task of movement, Claras cognitive competence develops at the same time.

Permanently at a high level of play

You may have already noticed that learning process over learning process are being activated and pushed, but be careful: dear training colleagues! So that these learning processes remain permanately activated,and we get the players up to a permanent game level we repeatedly need new and surprising learning successes. For this purpose a special coaching and a targeted exercie selection is needed. The players then learn quicker and better when the acquisition of new knowledge and moving networks with special feelings of success is connected.

Brain Training for soccer and school sport

My Trainer colleague and friend Samir Tanjo (visual co-ordinations training) and myself will attempt in a unique way to make this special brain training for soccer and school sports more tangible and explainable. Here on Soccerpilot we will firstly introduce this innovative training programme.

Last but not least please watch the "features/tricks" by Clara Schöne in the second video. Learning makes extremely inventive.

Don't you think?

Your Matthias Nowak