Become The Goal-Getter Now - Practice Tips

Behave like a wild animal, always in search of prey

Do you know this incredibly beautiful feeling that we describe in our introduction to the goal shot drills?

You hit the ball perfectly, the goalkeeper leaps across the goal, but has no chance whatsoever and you will see how the ball whizzes past him into the goal and gets caught in the net. You are the cynosure of all eyes, the hero - an incredible experience.

It is the moment that Babett Lobinger, graduate psychologist and sports scientist from the German Sports University of Cologne describes as follows:

"A goal shot not only makes the scorer happy most often, but also has an unleashing effect in many. In any case, the imaginations seem to be boundless when cheering the goal scored. Shooting a goal and being ecstatic about it is like an orgasm".

©Sergey Peterman -

But let's get serious now, as we want to try to help you in experiencing this elation more frequently. Therefore, you should heed to the following tips:

Ambipodrous play

Nothing helps at all and we demand it in our drills again and again: ambipodrous play, namely to be skilled in using both legs! Most of the world's best goal scorers in the history of soccer were and are equally good with both feet. Therefore train your "weak" foot repeatedly; this will help you score many more goals.

Pondering is damaging

Pondering damages, as it costs unnecessary time! Whether in a mix-up or one-to-one against the goalkeeper, the one, who ponders, will often fail. Let's take Gerd Müller, the best scorer in soccer history. He never stopped to think, but simply moved on. The first thought is always right, as you hardly have time for a second one. Therefore, bear in mind: just shoot the ball into the goal.

Gaining time

In order to gain time, think about your next move before you get the ball and give your best to complete the move. That is the advantage of one, who possesses the ball; he knows what is happening, but the defender does not know. Before the defence player recognizes the move, the ball is already in the goal.


Never stand still, move in all directions and go towards the ball. The defender can easily read your mind when you stand still and we arrive once again at the most important point: everything lasts way too long. How a TV commentator put it in a Brazil's game at the World Cup 2006: "Ronaldo is playing his position as if he is waiting for the bus"! This is exactly what we mean here.


A hard shot is not always the solution. Many top goal-getters have this in common, as they do not "shoot" the ball simply out of goal range, when they are 10-15 meters from the goal and have time. A hard shot is more difficult to place than a gentle one.

Positional play of goalkeeper

Observe the positions of the goalkeeper time and again. He tries to shorten the angle by leaving the goalline. This makes the goal appear smaller, but do not let yourself disconcerted, as this will considerably reduce the response time for the goalkeeper; he must reach the ground more quickly to pick flat balls and is susceptible to high descending balls. One has the option of shooting flat balls hard and well-placed or high balls with a feel.

Hunting the prey

Once again on the penalty area: Behave like a wild animal, always in search of prey By prey, we naturally refer to the ball. Always pick up the scent and utilise each opportunity to get the ball and run 100 times for nothing, but being assured that the next ball is always yours.

These tips can also summed up as follows: Willingness paired with witty play, ambipodrous skill and instinct, plus a portion of self-confidence and you are already on the right path to become a goal-getter.