Ice Spray – How Useful Is It For Amateurs?

How Ice Spray Works


Ice spray (often called cold spray) consists of three liquefied gases. The gases pass from the liquid to the gaseous state, when sprayed from the spray can. This produces the so-called evaporation cooling effect, with temperatures ranging from -30 to -40 degrees Celsius.


The ice spray is used to alleviate early symptoms, especially pain associated with bruises, strains or sprains. It slows down only the processes of an injury, for example, inflammatory processes are restrained.

Therefore, one should not think that the application is a cure-all.

The ice spray is used only as a first aid!

The pain is a warning signal sent by the body. The pain can be alleviated by the ice spray, but the injury remains. An injury can worsen when the player lacks any sensation of pain. Therefore, do not numb the player, just to make him continue playing.

Ice spray
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When using the ice spray some important things should be considered, for example, it should never be used on open wounds or around the eyes. Then it is important to note that a minimum distance of 30 cm from the skin should be kept when spraying it. Due to the high sub-zero temperatures, the skin may suffer severe cold burns. Therefore, also take care not to spray too long. Still better, never apply directly on the skin.


It is not recommendable to use the ice spray on children and young people, as the skin and nervous system of children are much more sensitive. It is better to resort to cooling pad or ice water. So, please do not forget: Ice spray is used only for preliminary relief and further treatment will still be necessary. You can be assured that expert physicians, who know exactly what they are doing, will be responsible for the first-aid measures for professionals. But, it is always important to keep an eye on the health of amateur players. Permanent cooling using ice water or cooling pad is a better solution. /div>