Soccer training – Passing - Exercise:

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Soccer drill procedure

Simple drill for kids soccer; it is also suitable for youth soccer when played at high speed. Drills need not be difficult always. This drill can be imparted quickly and includes many aspects that should not be missing in kids and youth soccer. It is real fun doing this drill when the speed is high and more balls are included in the game.


Mark a drill field as seen in the animation and divide the players into three groups. The start group gets one ball. The smaller the groups, the more effective the drill is. The first pass is made exactly to the player of the lower group, who charges at the ball. Safe receipt of the ball and a small dribble through the yellow cone markers is followed by exact lay-off in the third group. In order to avoid interferences, the sequential flows of the animation should be followed most accurately.


- Different passing and dribbling techniques
- Additional balls in the game

Soccer coach tips

- Always train using both legs!
- Drill sequence from the other side (shift the markers)
- Push for increased speed

Category: Advanced training, youth training
Minimum group size: 6
Maximum group size: 9
Materials required: One ball, 7 cones
Field size: According to level of performance, but not smaller than a 8 x 8 meters.