Soccer training – Ball Control - Exercise:

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Soccer drill procedure

Drills touching on the feel for the ball are generally well received and joyfully executed by the players. They feel that they thereby expand their skills. Difficult executions lead to poking fun at one’s own shortcomings or those of co-players.

The Soccerpilot puppets present this action with perfection. It does not necessarily look this way on the practice field! The ball will not always fly so straight, and the players therefore require quite a bit of room so as not to interfere with one another.

In the animation individual soccer drills as well as partner variations are presented.


The players without a partner kick the ball with the knee/thigh over the head, traverse below the ball and catch it on the back with both hands. In the pair version, a player throws a ball, kicks through below and catches it with the back.

Our puppets also manage the sequence with a double kick which makes the matter even more difficult.


- Multiple kick
- Competition: who manages the most error-free attempts in series or within a given time?

Soccer coach tips

- Pay attention to action with both legs
- Players should not kick the ball too high.

A practice field for two pairs would actually suffice