Soccer training – Ball Control - Exercise:

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Soccer drill procedure

Make groups of three – the player in the middle is really put under stress. He needs to keep dealing with the balls which are passed to him and keep returning them to the other players.

Don’t forget that every player should go in the middle once, so plan a little more time for this soccer drill. If a variation proves to be too difficult, just leave it out.


You need two markers on a line. The distance between them can vary, but it shouldn’t be too far – this soccer drill is not about stamina. Two cones are placed between the end points, and the middle player runs through them.

  • 1. Pretty self-explanatory. The active player always passes the ball back.
  • 2. Pass on one side. On the other side, the ball is thrown in in various different ways and passed back in a volley.
  • 3. Headers (from a stationary position or on the move) and a pass on the other side. Use our further example from the “Headers” section as well.


- The various parts of this drill can be combined in any way you want.

Soccer coach tips

- Focus on mastering the techniques first, then on speed.

The run makes it even more difficult