Soccer training – Ball Control - Exercise:

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Soccer drill procedure

It is always amazing to see how much fun the players have with this soccer drill. To play an “arc lamp” is never simple; doing so on the run makes it even more difficult.


We require three ground markers for orientation purposes and two cones. The balls are with the two side groups. The passes take place from the sides and are clearly kicked to a position in front of the cones positioned in the center. The goalkeeper moves – at the moment of the through ball – in direction of the two cones and must only move backwards when the player passed to touches the ball. The pass receiver kicks an arc lamp directly into the goal.

The passer and scorer exchange the groups after his action.


- The passers stand closer to the center and throw the ball at half heights; the pass receiver then kick-lifts the ball in the air over the goalkeeper.

Soccer coach tips

- Pay attention to action with both legs
- Watch for precise execution, particularly when it comes to the goalkeeper who tends to start too early.

The run makes it even more difficult