Soccer training – Warm-Up - Exercise:

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Soccer drill procedure

This drill clearly survives by the players’ willingness to participate and the motivating trainer. If it is implemented with the appropriate dynamics, the players within the circle are grateful to be relieved by the players at the circle. Please ensure that the ball is passed and not pushed. The double pass should happen fast and hard.


We have positioned eight players inside of the circle in our animation and another eight at the circle. All players positioned at the circle have one ball each. The players inside of the circle should repeatedly run toward the center of the circle to indicate that they are available for a double pass. This means, they are not running alongside the circle track, but continuously retreat to the interior.


- Pass only after ball control

Soccer coach tips

- Always train using both legs!
- Push for increased speed

Organisation of the soccer training drill

Category: Advanced training, children’s training, youth training, seniors
Minimum group size: 12
Maximum group size: 20
Materials required: Enough balls and markers
Field size: Depending on the number of players.

Please ensure that the ball is passed and not pushed