Soccer Techniques - Basics

Controlling the Ball with the Chest

Controlling the ball with the chest is technically difficult and is used in play when there is sufficient room for secure control.

Anxiety is often associated with this technique and soccer players sometimes have problems with it at first that are fully unfounded. Whether male or female, introduce your players carefully to this technique. It’s like with headers: if there is pain on the first attempts, a block can develop. Therefore, it is advisable to use lighter balls or even foam balls for the first attempts, you can then build it up.

When learning the technique, the players should approach the balls themselves by throwing them slightly in the air, then increase the height of throw and continue to balls thrown from various heights. In the next phase, the ball is hit as a pass and controlled with the chest after a jump. Combine the execution of the technique with taking possession of the ball for a shot on goal or for dribbling.


  • A. Rest your eyes on the ball
  • B. Adopt the correct position towards the Ball, easy walking stance, knee bent slightly.
  • C. Arms angled slightly, lifted somewhat to one side.
  • D. Shoulders back -this increases the chest area.
  • E. The chest is in a slight/medium angle under the ball
  • F. If the ball bounces on the chest, then move back in a flexible manner and let the ball drop down.
  • G. Now the ball is controlled on the pitch.
Controlling the Ball with the Chest
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