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Soccer Tactics: Crossing In Front Of Goal

The fundamentals and video drills to learn crossing in front of goal (player behind the ball)

Crossing across the penalty area in front of goal is a simple tactical method of confusing defenders and to get into space for a targeted pass or a shot on goal. We concentrate ourselves here quite clearly on the illustration where a pass or a cross from the wing is played in behind the defenders. Crossing in front of goal functions also with the ball in the back and with corners, but this will be discussed in further articles.

Soccer tactics crossing

The illustration shows you what we want to train for. Two strikers are attacking the goal, and their paths cross whilst doing so. Our players are always behind the ball when the final pass comes in: That is what is practised on the training ground. That is what we want to train for.

We are hoodwinking ourselves when we think the defenders will simply mark the strikers crossing across the penalty area in front of goal. We mostly see the marking of the man in the games at our level, and there, the defenders will attempt to follow their opposite numbers. When the strikers move across the penalty area in front of goal, they naturally create a sort of player block, and they have the surprise effect on their side.

Soccer tactics – the video training of crossing in front of goal - I

Our initial exercise is similar as in Soccerpilot under the heading "Goal Shot" and the drill title "‘Crossing". This is an excellent way of learning to cross over the penalty area in front of goal, because our players will get to recognise the sense of these tactics, and the drill is simply going on at the same time.

On the right and left side of the by-line, there is a player positioned waiting for a pass. These players must be fed with enough balls. We position a group at both the starting cones. On the order of the coach or on the call of a player passing the ball, the first player of each group then proceeds to attack the goal. Their ways of approach cross whilst doing so. The player passing the ball, passes to one of the strikers who immediate takes a shot at goal.

Soccer tactics – the video training of crossing in front of goal - II

Now we are ready for intensive training for crossing across the penalty area in front of goal. For this purpose, we need two goals, and two groups beside each goal. On the pitch, are two pairs of strikers, who continuously move from one goal to the other and their paths naturally cross over. The players on the side dribble to and fro, then comes a double pass, and then they dribble to the by-line and cross over in front of goal.

In this drill, you can position a defender on each side of the pitch, and later two defenders.

Soccer tactics – the video training of crossing in front of goal - III

Now it is getting a little more difficult, and perhaps you know about this exercise, it is our "Team Of Six" under the heading of "Passing".

In this exercise, two strikers cross over sides in front of goal during a combination. This enables them to create a player proximate situation whilst crossing over and it then gets very difficult.

The cones are only set up so that the players can better orient themselves. You can see the pass moves and the run moves on the video. After a short period of familiarisation, the drill can be repeated with defenders.