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Soccer drill procedure

Our puppets are using different movements to show what “bouncing ball” means. In short: the goalkeeper(s) bounce the ball on the ground and then it is caught in the air or at mid-height. This is not always easy, but is good fun. The movements can be done by two goalkeepers at once. The individual moves can be carried out by alternating.


A word about the different options: the goalkeeper bounces the ball on the ground, jumps after it and catches the ball at its highest point. There is also the option of running beneath the ball and then catching it. In the partner drill, another player or goalkeeper bounces the ball. The goalkeeper then catches it. We have shown this move in a way that the catcher is standing with his back to the thrower, which makes the situation much more difficult. By the way, you can also make a goal for the goalkeeper to stand in to make things really exciting.


- Two goalkeepers throw the balls at the same time
- Competition between two goalkeepers. Who can catch the most balls in a row?

Soccer coach tips

- Correct errors individually

Organisation of the soccer training drill

Category: Advanced training, children’s training, youth training, seniors
Minimum group size: One goalkeeper
Maximum group size: Two goalkeepers
Materials required: One ball
Field size: -

Bouncing Ball - goalkeeping training