Soccer training – Goalkeeping - Exercise:

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Soccer drill procedure

Note the important variations to the drill. Sometimes it's the simple practice routines that inspire players with their effectiveness. This sequence is one example.

This one can be demanding of the goalkeeper and he will really need a short rest after every run.


In our animation, we have placed five balls in a row just to the side of the goal. The goalkeeper runs up to the first ball and kicks it directly to the player, who shouldn't be too far from the goal. His job is to place the ball in the right corner of the goal. He should be able to defend the ball, of course, so you should slowly increase the difficulty level or vary it between tries. Once the goalkeeper blocks the first ball, he goes to the second ball and the drill begins again. After the fifth ball, the goalkeeper should take a break. In the meantime, the balls are lined up in a row again.


- Add more balls in the row (up to a maximum of 10)
- The balls can be placed to the other side of the goal
- Five balls and five balls from the right gate on the left
- The balls are rolled by the goalkeeper and/or thrown towards the goal by the player

Soccer coach tips

- Place the balls well, but always leave the goalkeeper a enough space to block shots

Organisation of the soccer training drill

Category: Advanced training, youth training, seniors
Minimum group size: One goalkeeper + one player
Maximum group size: One goalkeeper + one player
Materials required: Enough balls, one goal
Field size: Distance from the goal varies according to skill.

Row of balls - goalkeeping training