Soccer training – Goal shots - Exercise:

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Soccer drill procedure

We will start with two simple sequences that will end on two goal-kicks. The second version is clearly more complicated and we recommend to combine both these activities. We show you in the video what the drill looks like. First only one player is known, however as the drill goes on, his team-mates will have to quickly adjust to the drill.


Both goals will be positioned frontally to each other. Two groups will start their ways to the goal with a ball. Another group is on the side of the practice field. Important: the player will start the activity. Only when he starts dribbling will the other players be able to move. After the activity, the players move counter-clockwise to the next group.
1. Two players with ball will start dribbling and then shoot to the goal. One player dribbles around the cones and another one will be set under pressure by the starting player of the third group.
2. It starts with a pass to the player without a ball, who will start moving towards the goal and then shoot. The passer turns towards the other side of the exercise and receives a pass from the player that dribbled around the cones. After a brief ball control he will again shoot to the goal.


- Inverted sequence
- Connect both sequences. The central player decides whether to pass the ball or not.

Soccer coach tips

- Start with a simple sequence and then increase the difficulty level

Organisation of the soccer training drill

Category: Advanced training, children’s training, youth training, seniors
Minimum group size: 6 + 2 goalies
Maximum group size: 15 + 2 goalies
Materials required: Enough balls, 2 cones, 4 ground markers, 2 goals
Field size: According to group’s ability