Soccer training – Goal shots - Exercise:

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Soccer drill procedure

This drill is a “top drill”. The “yellow” players exploit the diversion caused by running around another player, and take a goal shot directly after coming out of the turn and dribbling a short distance.


The “red” players are the starting groups. In these groups, every player has a ball. Two (yellow) players are positioned on the left and right hand side of the cone marker goal at the start of the drill. The starting players dribble slightly diagonally past the first two markers, and then pass to the yellow players waiting to receive the pass. After this, they run around the players who received the pass, running to the side of each player which is closest to the middle of the field. The players who received the pass turn with the ball towards the goal, and perform a goal shot. The red and yellow players go on to swap their starting positions.


- Different goal shot and passing techniques
- Combine with "medium" drill

Soccer coach tips

- Correct errors individually
- Always train using both legs!

Organisation of the soccer training drill

Category: Advanced training, children’s training, youth training, seniors
Minimum group size: 4 + 1 goalkeeper
Maximum group size: 8 + 1 goalkeeper
Materials required: Every player in the starting group has one ball, eight ground markers for orientation, one goal
Field size: Starting position in front of the penalty line (yellow-players)

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