Soccer training – Dribbling - Exercise:

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Soccer drill procedure

This drill can also be found as a passing drill in the “Passing” category. Both categories can be combined during practice. This is an easy drill and is perfect for teaching children the basics during soccer practice. It can also be used as a warm-up drill before games.


Change positions in a circle without any dribbling instructions.


- Can be combined with passing drills in a circle (click here)
- Different dribbling techniques.

Soccer coach tips

- Always train using both legs!
- Correct errors individually

Organisation of the soccer training drill

Category: Basics, children’s training
Minimum group size: Six players, progressing to Eight
Maximum group size: Eight players, progressing to ten
Materials required: One ball per group, progressing to one ball per player
Field size: Not too large of a circle, we’re practicing dribbling, not endurance

This drill can also be found as a passing drill