Soccer training – Dribbling - Exercise:

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Soccer drill procedure

REMEMBER: One team dribbles with the left foot!

In the animation, two groups are playing against each other. The number of groups can be increased indefinitely, to keep the number of players on each team small. All you need is enough balls and ground markers. Children love competitions in soccer. Children don’t need any more incentive to speed up their dribbling. The special thing about this drill is that one group dribbles with the left foot, and the other with the right. This is intentional – it makes it easier to put together groups of differing abilities.


Two or more groups compete to win. The ultimate winners of many different repetitions of the drill are that day’s dribbling champions. No further explanation of the soccer drill is necessary.


- Different dribbling techniques

Soccer coach tips

- Cheer on both teams
- Make up the groups according to ability levels!

Organisation of the soccer training drill

Category: Basics, Children’s training
Minimum group size: 4
Maximum group size: 12
Materials required: One ball per player, four cone markers
Field size: Over-long distances will spoil the object of the drill. We are trying to practise dribbling, not long-distance running.

One team dribbles with the left foot