Soccer training – Warm-Up - Exercise:

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Soccer drill procedure

Using markers, we’ll build a tunnel, as can be seen in the animation. The coach shouts out the way in which the players should dribble through the tunnel system.


Every player has a ball and dribbles around the tunnel system. To find a way out of this system, the dribblers follow the coach’s instructions.
Example from the animation:

Red – yellow (red path in – yellow path out)


- Yellow in - yellow out
- Red in - red out
- Yellow in- red out
- Red in – same way back
- Yellow in – same way back
- However, only in and out
- Turn or feint in the tunnel‘s center
- And so on – think about it
- Different dribbling techniques

Soccer coach tips

- - Always train using both legs!

Organisation of the soccer training drill

Category: Advanced training, children’s training
Minimum group size: 8
Maximum group size: 16
Materials required: 1 ball for every player, 2 different sets of cones or markers for the tunnel
Field size: Length of a cleat from one end to the other approx. 8 meters. Width of the paths approx. 2,5 meters

The coach shouts out the way