Soccer training – Warm-Up - Exercise:

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Soccer drill procedure

We cannot resist…and bring back the ball into the game. When two players meet, the ball changes hands (one player with ball, the other without ball). After the easy beginning, the players should now start to concentrate.


The players are moving freely in space. About one half of the players hold each a ball in their hands. Everytime, when two players meet (one player without ball), the ball changes hands after announcement.The player with ball only throws the ball after having had eye contact with his teammate.


- Different techniques of throwing and carrying the ball

Soccer coach tips

- Encourage movement

Organisation of the soccer training drill

Category: Advanced training, children’s training, youth training
Minimum group size: -
Maximum group size: -
Materials required: One half of the team has each one ball, next every player gets a ball.
Field size: -

We cannot resist…and bring back the ball into the game