Soccer training – Tricks / Feints /Turns - Exercise:

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Soccer drill procedure

Here we go! The faster, the better. Our soles control the play quite well, but it can be more dynamic.

Observe carefully! The ball is stopped with the left foot, then the left foot is placed in front of the ball. While turning, the right foot just touches the ball and pushes it onto the other side. Just a gentle kick is needed for this.


The ball is played from the left to the right and vice versa while moving forward. Then the left foot is placed on the ball for a brief moment. This is followed by the decisive moment: while turning the body, the ball is gently kicked to the other side with the right foot. Only then can it be controlled with the right foot after the turn and continue the play in the opposed direction. We move again a bit forwards and then turn once again. This drill sequence is repeated.


- We stop the ball with the right foot
- We stop the ball alternating between the right and the left foot!

Soccer coach tips

- Correct errors individually
- Quick flip, high tempo

Organisation of the soccer training drill

Category: Advanced training, children’s training, youth training, seniors
Minimum group size: 1
Maximum group size: -
Materials required: One ball per player

Our soles control the play quite well