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Counterattack Game

Drill Forms For Learning How To Counterattack

We start with our module for learning the counterattack game that is classified into seven main topics. This is not a purely theoretical account of the counterattack game. Rather, with the help of several drills, the soccer coach will be able to train his team in the counterattack game.

Drill Forms For Learning How To Counterattack
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1. Counterattack with Scoring in the Absence of Opponent Resistance

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Let's start with the introduction:

Counterattack game is a tactical maneuver to score the goal as soon as the player acquires the ball. This requires a good set of attack actions.

The times are long gone when the counterattack game was significant only against a team that forcibly opened its defense due to a goal deficit. Any good team always resorts to the option of counterattacking, regardless of the game. Of course, the frequency of counterattacking in a game strongly depends on the course of the game.

The above-mentioned goal deficit of a team followed by the opening of the defense, a team with a strong offense, play with reduced team members, ball loss during build-up and also unsuccessful standard situations of the opponent invite a counterattack.

To sum up:

Whenever a team has to retreat in defense and the opposing team moves forward, counterattack options arise. The target in a counterattack is the goal. Therefore, you should always look for the direct route to the goal. Ideally, a player runs alone with the ball towards the opponent's goal.

Fast shift from defense to attack, aerial passing, sprint to the goal, good combination play, involvement of as many players as possible, coordinating the running lanes, safe sprint dribbling and compliance with the offside rule are the basic requirements for an optimum counterattack.

We will get to know these basic requirements in our drills. Other content, such as acquiring, accepting and carrying the ball along, tackles, reaction speed and scoring actions result from the drills or should have been learned already. The better the technical coordination and training of players, the easier it is to learn counterattack.

1. Counterattack with Scoring in the Absence of Opponent Resistance

A. Solo run towards the goal without defenders

In this drill, simple dribbling to the goal has been extended by a chicane. Many other variations are possible - the game rules can be extended using hurdles, feints or other cone goals. The dribbler should intently "lookout" for the goalkeeper and then decide where to place the ball or whether to outplay the goalkeeper. No loss of speed until the goal!

A Solo run towards the goal without defenders

B. Player stands with his back to the goal and plays the ball through a cone lane

You will find another variation to the solo run to the goal in this drill. The player in front of the cone makes one final pass to the starting player. The three cones at the center of the drill can be used as offside markers.

B Player stands with his back to the goal

C. Wait for advancing players

In this drill, the middle player waits for the advancing counterattack player. It is then jointly attempted to score the goal. Following brief adaptation, take note of the high speed, safe passing and offside. The ball must enter the goal, of course.

C Wait for advancing players

D. With overlapping

Now we practice by running around the player receiving the pass. He opts for a return pass or moves forward directly to the goal.

D With overlapping

E. Combination game

Simple combination game to get acquainted with a perfect counterattack. Safe passes ensure easy scoring. Keep increasing the speed to the goal time and again. The players should find the best passing lane for each attack. The goalkeeper must actively participate in the action; otherwise, this drill will be a flop. The two markings indicate the offside zone. "No loss of tempo until scoring" also applies here.

E Combination game

F. Fast shift

Only on command of the team mate the trainee starts running towards the goal. Demand very high running speed without loss of speed until scoring.

F Fast shift

G. Aerial Game

Aerial passing during counterattack allows an even higher attack speed, but also gives room for faster ball loss. High changeover, good passes and placement for the goal scorer - everything should work perfectly, but requires a great technical ability of the players involved.

G Aerial Game

Additional six units are to follow, do not miss our news!