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The Back Four - Structured Exercises - Shifting

Soccer drill procedure

What is the best way to prepare my team for the back four? It’s easy! Start with the introduction during the warm up.

This collection of drills allows you to teach game formations on the field, without giving a complete theoretical introduction. For teams with a basic understanding of the back four, these drills serve as an addition to practice sessions, and create the necessary level of automation and concentration.

The instructions are simple, but the sequence cannot be successfully completed if players do not concentrate hard. They must watch each other and, through skillful movements, keep the formation together. As their coach, it is your job to be well-prepared for the practice sessions. If you are able to convince your players that a back four makes sense, you’ll be one step closer to success. Players often have a mental block in this regard and it’s up to you to overcome it.

At Soccerpilot, we have published an extensive paper on the basics of learning the back four. Just follow the tactics menu. Now, let’s start with the first drill that is shown in the animation to the left.


Every player has a ball. The players dribble in one row across the field, shifting diagonally as they do so. The distance between players always remains the same.


- Different dribbling techniques - No balls

Soccer coach tips

- Don’t forget to push forward - Pay attention to staying in formation - The sequence should be performed according to the description!

Organisation of the soccer training drill

Category: Advanced training, youth training, seniors Minimum group size: 4 Maximum group size: 4 Materials required: One ball per player, limit the practice field Field size: According to group’s ability.

Back-Four Exercises