Soccer training – Tackling - Exercise:

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Soccer drill procedure

The coach is also engaged in this drill. His job as a ball distributor is very important, as he controls the game. In the animation, the coach is the player, "black". The forward is dependent on when he gets the ball from the coach and his initial position is determined by this.


We need three units. The coach is at the training centre and has more balls at his disposal. Player, "red" starts the action with a pass to the coach and runs towards the goal. He gets the back pass and tries to win over the goalkeeper in a duel. The player "red" then circles the coach. At some point he gets a ball from the coach and runs immediately towards the goal. The player, who is stationed near the goal, starts with the opening whistle and tries to block a goal.
After the action, the two players swap the groups.


- Another group of defenders on the right goal side. The forward should then prevail against two defenders.
- Sequence starts on the other side of the field

Soccer coach tips

- Control the game through clever passes
- Complete long duels in time
- Aggressive defending!

Organisation of the soccer training drill

Category: Advanced training, children’s training, youth training, seniors
Minimum group size: 3 + goalkeeper
Maximum group size: 12 + goalkeeper
Materials required: Enough balls, three cone markers
Field size: According to group’s ability

The coach is also engaged in this drill