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Soccer drill procedure

I was just finished with the page when the program crashed. So, I’ll start again and save things as I go.

In this drill, we combine one-on-one training with coordinating movements and I hope that the “wave” will be recognizable.


For this drill, we need one player to pass the ball and two groups. The starting players stand at the first cone. They move between cones on demand. At the last pylon they turn towards the goal, wait for the pass and then try to quickly score a goal.


Types of movement:
- Sidesteps the entire way
- Sidesteps – Changing the line of vision once
- Sidesteps, change the line of vision after each step
- Start: Short, quick steps
- Feint a header
- Lift knees while running
- Heel-kicks

Soccer coach tips

- The players should look to quickly score a goal
- Make sure you mix up the pairs

Organisation of the soccer training drill

Category: Advanced training, children’s training, youth training, seniors
Minimum group size: 3 + goalkeeper
Maximum group size: 11 + goalkeeper
Materials required: Enough balls, eight cone markers, one goal
Field size: According to group’s ability. Not too close to the goal.

We combine one-on-one training with coordinating movements