Soccer training – Tackling - Exercise:

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Soccer drill procedure

This drill will only work if the defender starts out semi-active. This means, he blocks the attacking player without trying to win the ball.

Important is the phase of the attack on the goal during which the defender is supposed to block aggressively. That way, the attacking player has to get free explosively to gain enough space for ball control. While doing so, he has to bring his body between defender and goal. Then the defender has hardly a chance to prevent the shot towards the goal.


One attacker and one defender are situated in a marked rectangle. On the long side of the rectangle which is located away from the goal, the ball distributor is positioned and on the right and left sides the players, who want to carry out the final shot. The attacking player and the ball distributor are passing on the ball back and forth and the defender is putting pressure on the attacker, but does not intervene. The final action is set off, when the distributor passes to the flanks, the point of time being decided by the player himself. The attacking player immediately gets free into goal direction and receives the pass for scoring a goal.


- The flanks can pass back anew to the ball distributor
- The attacking player can drive a shot to the goal every time he wants
- 2:2 in the rectangle

Soccer coach tips

- Pay attention to semi-active defense
- Correct errors individually

Organisation of the soccer training drill

Category: Advanced training, children’s training, youth training, seniors
Minimum group size: Four players, one goalkeeper
Maximum group size: Twelve players, one goalkeeper
Materials required: Enough balls, four cone markers, one goal
Field size: Distance from the goal at the time of the goal shot depending on ability.

The defender starts out semi-active