Building Confidence Through Private Coaching

Soccer has to be one of the most competitive sports. Statistics show that out of all the children who begin training at soccer academies at age nine, less than 1% will make it professionally. That works out to only 180 players out of the 1.5 million youth soccer players that make it to the top leagues. If that isn't enough to create a lack of self-confidence, we don't know what is.

And it doesn't stop there. It's well documented that the pressure of professional soccer is unlike any other, and the downfall if players are released from an academy is massive, with one study showing that 55% of players suffer from clinical psychological distress within 21 days of being released from an academy.

But confidence defines success. Look at Ronaldo and Zlatan, some of the most openly confident people about their ability. If you don't have that, read on to learn how private coaching creates faster skill-building and boosts self-confidence.

Private Coaching Vs Group Training

Group training is unavoidable in's a team sport, after all. But you can't ignore the benefits of private football coaching. Group training focuses on group performance. Private coaching targets personal weaknesses, combining personalized feedback for faster skill development and targeted results.

You simply don't have that in group training. And you can't deny there's not as much pressure with private coaching. There are only two sets of eyes on you, your own and your coaches, and the coach definitely isn't there to judge. With team training, everyone is watching, and the competition and pressure are huge.

Group training will focus on team skills, team performance, team everything. Some (if not most) of the time, the training sessions won't focus on what you feel you personally need to improve on. There's about a 12:1 ratio of trainers to players with group training - that will never compare to 1:1 with private coaching.

What Private Coaching Can Do

Private coaching focuses on everything you need it to. Your coach will analyze your strengths and weaknesses and create a targeted development plan that guarantees success...almost. You still have to put in the effort and improve. Generally, private soccer coaching will include the following:

  • Skills development
  • Improving fitness
  • Nutrition plans
  • Training plans
  • Confidence building

Private training also works around your schedule. With group training, you have no choice but to be there when the training sessions are scheduled. With 1:1 private coaching, you can book sessions whenever, wherever. If you really wanted, you could have private coaching every day of the week.

Becoming Part of The Less Than 1%

We've mentioned it before, but Ronaldo is the perfect example of what it takes to become part of the less than 1% statistic. Yes, there's an element of natural talent, but it's not all about that.

Famously, Ronaldo said in an interview that he's said plenty of times what his training and lifestyle routine is like, saying he's given people the blueprint, but it's tricky for most people to commit at his level. He's ultra disciplined, some would say too much, but that's what it takes to become the best.

To build self-confidence and become part of the less than 1%, you must eat, breathe, and sleep soccer. Private coaching will help you build your confidence, but it's the overall commitment that will define success.

Do you think private coaching is what you need? It's natural to need to build confidence when there's so much pressure to make it professionally. Let's see if you have what it takes to go all the way or simply build the confidence you're looking for.