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Soccer training – Passing - Pass-Party

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Soccer drill procedure

In this passing drill with three players, a player is put under a lot of pressure. Don’t forget to swap these players frequently; the content is aimed at practicing not only simple passing, but also passing under pressure. A competition is also great: Which group-of-three can make the most passes within one minute?


Using five ground markings, we’ll make a rectangle. Ok, for a rectangle you only need four markings ;-), which is why we will half one side of the rectangle; this is where the “action player” will dribble.

This player receives a pass from each side from the player opposite; he then dribbles on his side, around the markings and gives a diagonal pass back to the original passer.


- Different passing techniques
- Vary the distances, so that not only short-passes are possible

Soccer coach tips

- Don’t let the pace drop, even if it hurts a little
- Always train using both legs!

Category: Advanced training, children’s training, youth training
Minimum group size: 3
Maximum group size: 3
Materials required: Two balls, five cone markers
Field size: Short distances for a short-passing game.

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