Soccer training – Passing - Exercise:

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Soccer drill procedure

For expansion drills on Soccerpilot, we nearly always start with a simple routine so that the players can get used to the training unit. However, the introductory drill itself is also an important foundation for successful learning in the whole unit.


The players repeatedly pass the ball to each other through the cone marker goal.


- Different passing techniques
- First receive the ball, then pass
- Only pass with the left foot
- Only pass with the right foot
- Receive the ball with the right foot and pass with the left, and vice versa
- Competition: which group of two can score the most goals in one minute?

Soccer coach tips

- Precise passing!
- Clean passing technique!
- Lift the head before receiving the ball, and make eye contact with partner.

Category: Advanced training, children’s training, youth training
Minimum group size: 2
Maximum group size: 2
Materials required: One ball per gorup, two cone markers, for the expansion drill, you’ll need four cones or markers.
Field size: According to group’s ability

Successful learning in the whole unit