Soccer training – Passing - Exercise:

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Soccer drill procedure

One note to begin with: in this drill, the starting player always calls a number. Instead of the number, he can of course also call out the color of one of two cones as a command. At first glance, the process seems fairly simple, but read the variations – they make the unit harder, but play an essential role in the drill.


Two players in the center of the practice field begin the drill. They each stand at one small marking. The player that is farthest away from the goal starts the sequence by passing to the player who has the main role in this drill. Before passing, the passer calls “1” or “2”. The two players, who are positioned sideways, have been given a number beforehand. The player, who stands with his back to the goal, controls the ball and passes to the player whose number has been called. A pass-back and double pass to the player on the other side then follow. After a fake, a shot is then made on goal. The shot isn’t necessary, but makes the drill more exciting. After this move, the starting player takes the position of the player whose number he called. The player to the side, who first received the pass, runs to the other side. The last person to pass runs to the goalkeeper’s position. The goalkeeper gets the ball and kicks it to the starting group.

Explanations are terrible; I look forward to them every time.


- Direct passing only
- The first pass is made at mid-height or as a high pass

Soccer coach tips

- Make sure that the drill is carried out exactly and that passing is done carefully
- Individual error correction

Organisation of the soccer training drill

Category: Advanced training, youth training, Seniors
Minimum group size: 5, one goalkeeper
Maximum group size: 12, one goalkeeper
Materials required: Enough balls, four ground markers, one goal
Field size: The size of the field and the distances between players can be varied depending on players’ skill. The closer the gaps are, the more difficult the process is.

The starting player always calls a number