Soccer training – Goal shots - Exercise:

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Soccer drill procedure

The beginning of this drill is straightforward and easy; it gets more difficult in the subsequent drills.

The only thing that may lead to confusion amongst players is the line-of-sight to the poles. This is a part of the drill; the players start simultaneously.


We need two goals, placed at a sufficient distance from each other, because shots on goal will be taken from both sides.

The exercise field is split down the middle by three poles, which are set up with at least two meters between them. A group should be positioned on the left and right, at the edge of the field. In the best-case scenario, every player would have a ball. The positions are chosen as such that, depending on the side, the players must dribble between the poles in order to take a shot on goal.


- Play and dribble through the pole goals from the other side; this ensures the shot is taken with the left foot.

Soccer coach tips

- Push for increased speed

Organisation of the soccer training drill

Category: Advanced training, children’s training, youth training, seniors
Minimum group size: 4 + 2 goalies
Maximum group size: 12 + 2 goalies
Materials required: Enough balls, 2 ground markings, three slalom poles, two goals
Field size: According to group’s ability

The players start simultaneously