Soccer Coach

Basic Rules for Handling a Kids’ Soccer Team

  • The coach should be aware of his role model function.
  • The kids should be praised time and again and never criticized openly.
  • The coach should set limits and remain consistent in enforcing them.
  • Even inferior plays should be addressed positively.
  • The kids should never be compared among one another in the team or with other teams. The kids should develop their own personality and performance – comparison can cause great psychological harm. Wrong action can make the kid feel inferior and underachieving.
  • Kids grasp more than one thinks. Never take a superior stance while talking to the kid.
  • A coach finds his team great and never talks negatively. The kids are not responsible for frustration experienced by the coach.

FIFA has set up basic rules for kids’ soccer, which are to be more stringently followed by young kickers:

  • Kids’ soccer means playing, and playing means fun!
  • The most important thing for kids is to be with their friends!
  • Each kid should get an equal chance to play!
  • Teach kids to handle both winning and losing!
  • More drills - less matches!
  • Kids’ soccer should be varied and designed versatile!
  • Teach them to respect the opponent and the referee!
  • The games are for kids and not for adults!
Handling a Kids Soccer Team
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