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New soccer training drills | February 28th, 2012

New drills and video tactics training online In addition to our new drills, we are discussing today two tactical moves at the same time. In the series ‘fundamentals and video drills on soccer tactics’, we have dealt beforehand with overlapping and crossing in front of goal.

Soccer training - goal shot


The future goal scorer hast to sprint quite a bit, so it doesn't slow down the drill. This routine is very difficult because different run patterns have to be kept and players often get into trouble doing so, especially after the position changes.......

Soccer drills - tackling


A perhaps well known drill with a different implementation. We include the goalie in the practice routine. He will open the counterattack. Another uniqueness is, that the first passer later belongs to the defending team, because.......

Soccer training - warm up


With a bit of imagination our practice structure looks like an electrical socket. The players on the sides of the rectangle are constantly moving and constantly adapt to the players in the center of the drill. Not very easy, because.......

3 - Goal Contest - soccer training

3 - Goal Contest

Our 3-goal contest is a simple, but captivating drill. There is one special feature. The players share only one cone-circuit, which significantly narrows the dribble track. This makes ball control very difficult and leads to the loss.......

Soccer training - Overlapping

Principles and video tutorials for learning overlaps

Overlaps are one of the most well-known moves and are seen in every game, especially professional games. At the end of this article you'll find four video tutorials......

Soccer training - Crossing

The fundamentals and video drills to learn crossing in front of goal

Crossing across the penalty area in front of goal is a simple tactical method of confusing defenders and to get into space for a targeted pass or a shot on goal. We concentrate ourselves......

Muscle Pain

Muscle Pain After Soccer Matches Or Training!

Getting rid of pain… causes and prevention!
Everyone has experienced it –you get home after training, your leg muscles are hurting slightly, but you just go to bed thinking that.......

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