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New soccer training drills | September 14th, 2011

On it goes with our extension of soccer-training skills. Scarcely a month online, and we have well over 100 training drills.
However, we are just beginning and will continue to expand;we have a few surprises in store.
We have more than 1000 practice units,we have a lot of work ahead.
We promise that our animations will continue to be available at no cost in the future.
So that’s why we ask for your help:
If you like this soccer guide, tell others and let your friends know. If you don’t like it, keep it to yourself. ;-)

Thanks for your support and have fun with our new drills,
your Soccerpilot Team

Soccer exercise tackling


This drill is a real highlight. Coaches enjoy using it. There’s a lot that can be learned from it, and the players have lots of fun performing it. Encourage players to break through quickly after manoeuvres......

Soccer exercise goal-shot

Double Chance

Our illustration shows the two main variations of this scoring drill and the ends of the practice area. The player with the ball should decide which variation he will try. In both variations, the defense will hardly have a chance......

Soccer exercise tackling


Coaches can sometimes be unfair – and that’s exactly what’s required in this drill. Pass the ball to one specific player, who then has to hold his own against one player and later, in the second variation of the drill, against three......

Soccer exercise tackling

Goalie Ball

The goalkeeper decides who the attacker and the defender will be. He brings the ball into play by means of a flat pass or by rolling it in. The player who received the ball immediately attempts to pass it to his teammate......

Soccer exercise tackling

Large Groups

In soccer training, the rule of thumb is only practice in small groups! Make several small groups and integra, you can still train extensively even with a large group. Often, the coach has to deal with many players all by himself......

Soccer exercise goalkeeping

Row Of Balls

Note the important variations to the drill. Sometimes it's the simple practice routines that inspire players with their effectiveness. This sequence is one example. This one can be demanding of the goalkeeper and ......

Soccer exercise warm up

Number Distribution

Players can’t just run around quietly on the pitch – they need to make themselves noticed. This is something that can be trained by means of drills where actions need to be completed when players call out......

Soccer exercise warm up

Cone Course

Look at the ball in the top right-hand corner. It’s a sign to show that this drill can also be carried out with a ball. The animation speaks for itself. Pay attention to the distances involved. They can be made shorter or longer according......

Soccer exercise warm up

Quick And Easy

This drill is a quick and easy one, that's why it's ideal for a soccer practice warmup. The bigger the individual, the tougher this drill is so it can be changed to suit your needs and the skill level of your team......

Soccer exercise warm up

Bib Game

This is good if you have two different coloured bibs with two corresponding cone colours. However, don’t worry because, if you want to challenge your team, it can also work with a mixture of colours – there needs to be two bib......

Soccer feints - tricks

Beckenbauer Turn

We couldn’t leave out this trick made famous by Franz Beckenbauer, der Kaiser. It’s difficult to come out of this drill at high speed (see animation). The ball is played with the sidefoot, making ball control significantly more difficult......

Soccer feints - tricks


As the name suggests, this move is an extension of the "Flickball". The animation is relatively slow, of course, but it speeds up quite a bit after the direction is changed. At the top of the animation is a thin line to serve as a guide......

Learn how to play soccer

Two left feet?

Learn how to play soccer with the foot that has no talent. Every soccer player dreams about being able to control the ball equally well with both feet. But let's not imagine anything, since one foot will always be the weaker one.......

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