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New soccer training drills | January 6th, 2012

As in a new year, we are starting with many new topics. Seven new drills with a total of 18 animations, and also a magazine article, are online.
There is a good probability that the first surprise of 2012 will also go online this month; it's worth waiting for.

Have fun with our new drills,
your Soccerpilot Team

Soccer exercise - Technical Drive

Technical Drive

This is a great scoring drill that can be set up quickly. The players will have lots of fun with the technical aspect of it, and there's a huge amount of educational content. In the animation we have shown a few maneuvers with numbers......

Soccer exercise - Combination Triangle

Combination Triangle

Construct two triangles some distance off to the left and right sides of the goal. Smaller triangles have a greater effect because they give us the ability to use some different passing combinations before the shot on goal......

Soccer exercise warm up

Partner Pass

The partner pass is a standard drill for warming up in soccer training. This drill is used again and again in club training and sports instruction, because it is easy to understand and needs no complicated organization......

Soccer dribbling drills

Double Square

There are a variety of dribbling paths in the double square drill. As an example we have shown six such paths. We'll start with a simple drill, take a look at the animation to the right. The setup of the cones is easy and it is recommended......

Soccer passing drills

Short Passing Team Drill

This soccer complete training will ask for quite a bit from your players and you. A square is marked off with wickets in the drill center. On the right and left next to the square, we put two other wickets so that other variations......

Soccer passing drills - Passing Magic

Passing Magic

The action of the drill is actually difficult, because it concludes only after some short passes. The sequence of passes therefore has to function well, and this happens only when the sequence is understood.......

Soccer exercise - Threesomes


The action in this drill is across and perpendicular to the soccer field. Teamwork is the theme. The players always stay close together and carry out action instructions. The animation makes it clear......

Soccer Player

A Soccer Player Is Developed

The homemade position idiot - A soccer player is a whole person and a child who plays soccer is also a whole person, admittedly a little one. This truth is certainly not surprising. People pursue a certain process of development......

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