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New soccer training drills | January 14th, 2012

On and on .... Soccer training is fun

Since we are currently working on several major projects, the time is sometimes short, but we keep our promise to release one on the home page too.

Today we have released new soccer drillsfrom the sections tackling drills, goal kicks, dribbling and warm up. A total of seven new soccer drills with 15 animations.

Have fun with our new drills,
your Soccerpilot Team

Soccer exercise - Technical Drive

One-Two And Short Pass

A complex training unit for goal shooting practice with lots of movement and a difficult passing game at the end. We have shown the double-sided variation in the animation. The practice sequence can also be carried out on just one side......

Soccer tackling drill

One-On-One Until The Goal Combination

We‘ll start this drill series with an easy introduction. Still, the first drill shouldn’t be underestimated; it is too important for the development of one-on-one behavior......

Soccer tackling spin shot drill

Spin Shot

The sequence of this drill is decided by the attacker in the goal area. He decides whether he wants to set up the ball for a shot, or if he wants to take the shot himself. If he wants to set up the ball, he should pull the defender away......

Soccer dribbling drills


Only later on in this drill does it become obvious just how hard it is for the players to figure out the right way to do this drill, just watch them carefully and you'll see. This drill is pretty orderly because only one player from each group moves......

Dribbling in a team

In A Team

The animation shows you a simple dribbling training. The paths are understood quickly, letting you focus completely on the dribbling techniques. At the end, a competition can be carried out with each variation......

Soccer tackling goal shot blocker drill

Goal Shot Blocker

In this drill, we will be dealing with the well-known mental barriers which need to be got past. To do this, we will be working on the goal shot and integrating this situation into the drill. Who doesn’t like looking at the ball after......

Soccer exercise - Motion Cross

Motion Cross

This drill can be carried out in lots of different variations. Look at it with our zoom feature and plenty more possibilities will soon come to mind. Let the hurdle-jumping, or the running to all positions, begin......

The Training Plan

Soccer Coach: The Training Plan!

Doomed to failure? - We often get the question why aren‘t there training plans available at Soccerpilot ? The answer is quite simple: Each team is different. One can‘t just put together workouts and place them under your noses......

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