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New soccer training drills | December 7th, 2011

It will always be continued. Today, we have 8 new drills for you that we have partly brought from a youth performance training. This does not make the content more difficult or better and if we did not mention it, you would not have noticed it at all.

Is it not nice to know that there is nothing mysterious or magical also in the the child and youth training at professional clubs?

Have fun with our new drills,
your Soccerpilot Team

Soccer exercise Triple Pass Goal Shot

Triple Pass Goal Shot

We mix up the scorers, because a back pass follows a forward pass and a goal shot should be after the next ball is received. There will be players, who also back pass the second ball at first to the passer......

Tackling training

Flank Attacks

We produce duels continuously at the flank positions. To this end, we demarcated duel zones on both sides straight away. These zones can be marked at the penalty area; they should just be large enough to allow the forward......

Soccer exercise warm up


A lot of action takes place on our highway at the center of the drill. In the animation, we have set only two balls in motion. However, three or four balls are simultaneously possible. The drill starts at the top right of the field in the animation......

Soccer dribbling drills


The drill looks very obscure in the animation. However, the action becomes clear quickly and the players will easily understand the purpose of the dribbling path. At the fast pace, placing the ball quickly becomes the problem......

Soccer passing drills


It is not sorcery, but just clever soccer that allows anentirely realisticsmooth drill sequence. Do not commit the mistake and start the drill straight away from both sides at the same time, as shown in our animation......

Tackling double gate

Double Gate

In this drill the distances between the stations play a large role. The smaller the distance of the offense from the cone gates, the more likely the breakthrough will succeed. Fast passing increases the chances for the offense......

Soccer drill warm up

Double Cones

You've just managed to show up for training on time, and have no more time for extensive training? This series of drills solves your problem. Quick in structure, effective, and a good entry to soccer training......

Soccer tricks

Touch & Turn

Here we go! The faster, the better. Our soles control the play quite well, but it can be more dynamic. Observe carefully! The ball is stopped with the left foot, then the left foot is placed in front of the ball......


Become The Goal-Getter Now - Practice Tips

You hit the ball perfectly, the goalkeeper leaps across the goal, but has no chance whatsoever and you will see how the ball whizzes past him into the goal and gets caught in the net......

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