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New soccer training drills | November 4th, 2011

As we already announced in our last news, today we have three practice units from FC Bavaria Munich’s youth training.

Since our sections on passing, one-on-one, dribbling warm-up and shots on goal are filling up nicely, we will pay more attention to indoor training in our next news.

On top of that, we are working on new ideas, which we will put online in the next weeks and months. Give us some time, but also give us a challenge by requesting content from us.

Have fun with our new drills and informations,
your Soccerpilot Team

That's how the modern goalie plays

The Goalie Is The Game Decider

That's how the modern goalie plays - Everyone agrees that the goalie has a central role in any soccer team. But the goalie isn't just there to protect his goal. That's because the skills a goalie needs in soccer today have become......

Passing exercise

System Pass

We will challenge you and your team with this drill. The distances between the individual positions in the animation are very short. The distance of the right and left markings can range throughout almost the entire field width.....

Passing exercise

Motion Run

As indicated in the animation: this is not going to be easy. The problem lies in the players’ precise timing. Passing by the passer must occur at the right moment and the running players’ task is to be readily available.....

Soccer exercise warm up

Passing Round

This drill clearly survives by the players’ willingness to participate and the motivating trainer. If it is implemented with the appropriate dynamics, the players within the circle are grateful to be relieved by the players at the circle......

Soccer exercise warm up

Backward Running

You can see two different sequences in our animation. In “reality”, both groups do one variation at a time. This way, the drill is also ideal to make into a competition. Make sure a fast pace is kept when running backwards......

Soccer exercise dribbling

Change Of Pace

This drill looks easier in the animation than it really is. The markings should be close together, so that the dribbler has to “pull” the ball around the obstacles. A fast pace combined with a great deal of skill and then one more......

Soccer exercise dribbling

Up And Down

The focus of this drill is on dribbling. We will also practice shots on goal and one-on-ones. The player on the left side of the practice field should start at the coach’s signal to make sure that the timing is right......

Soccer exercise goal-shot

Double Ball Lay-off

We have shown the drill sequence in two versions. A player, who is running without a ball, should moderate his speed, such that he does not arrive too early at the place of action. A short slalom is formed at some distance, to the left and to the right of the goal......

Soccer exercise tackling

Without A Chance

At first, this drill seems to be out of place in the “Tackling” section. However, one-on-one situations happen frequently on the field, because the attackers have been clumsy, or the defender has provoked mistakes......

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