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New soccer training drills | August 29th, 2011

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Rituals have great meaning for soccer

Rituals in Children's' Soccer

Rituals have great meaning for soccer – also for adults. Before a game, certain procedures must always be repeated in order to ensure the expected performance. Thus, soccer players put on their right shoe first, and then the left one......

Passing soccer exercises

Center Pass

One note to begin with: in this drill, the starting player always calls a number. Instead of the number, he can of course also call out the color of one of two cones as a command. At first glance, the process seems fairly simple, but......

Passing soccer exercises

Box Passing

In order to ensure clarity, we have avoided showing any more variations in the animation. However, it is possible to start the process from both sides at the same time. Our players have been given different colors in order......

Soccer training tricks


The rotation and the start after the turn are done explosively, as normal with tricks and turns. Soccer drill the motion sequence slowly and then try to increase the speed considerably. If you are to slow your opponent will fall asleep......

Soccer exercise goal-shot

Goal Frenzy

I feel a little bit sorry for the little goalkeeper in our animation. Something similar could happen to your goalkeeper if his teammates really pick up the pace and he has balls flying at him from everywhere......

Soccer exercise goal-shot


One player is center-stage, in our animation it is the red player. The motion sequences seem to be easy, but the difficulties lay in the various changes of direction and the different running directions. The aim of this drill, apart......

Soccer exercise warm-up


Not every trainer likes a complicated training introduction. We would like to give you an example how you can create an easy but interesting drill sequence. The numbers refer to the displayed numbers in the animation......

Tackling coach tips

Cone Lane

Only well-targeted passing, good ball control, keeping to the running paths and a successful duel will make a goal possible at the end of this sequence. The small start markers for two groups make sure that players come towards......

Goalkeeping soccer training

Forward Roll

Simple! The coach or a supervisor runs backwards, the goalkeeper runs forwards across the field. The ball is thrown to the goalkeeper, who catches it and then does a forward roll while holding the ball, before throwing.......

Goalkeeping soccer training


We think it’s better to vary the ball and not only have it against the direction of movement. This stops the goalkeeper from getting used to the movements. We’ll put up two poles; of course, you can also train in the goalposts.......

Goalkeeping soccer training

Partner Rectangle

Despite constant running, both goalkeepers should keep rolling the ball to their partner precisely. In our animation, one goalkeeper calmly picks up the ball and the other stretches his upper body towards it while falling.......

Goalkeeping soccer training

Double Jump

The difficulty of this is that the goalkeeper must overcome a small movement backwards, before getting up and saving the ball. At this point I would like to highlight the fact that it is the goalkeeper who is training here.......

Goalkeeping soccer training


Every goalkeeper should have a fast reaction speed and our billiards drill will test this. This drill is not only very effective; it is also a great deal of fun for the goalkeeper and the coach. This drill uses a lot of balls.......

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