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New soccer training drills | August 21st, 2011

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Passin soccer exercises

FC Barcelona - Modern Fitness

Barcelona is revolutionising the training theory of professional soccer. At FC Barcelona, running is absolutely off the agenda. Three minutes is the longest time that the players will run in the whole year, while carrying out speed......

Passin soccer exercises


An drill which we picked up a few years ago from a Brazilian soccer trainer. When the drill was carried out, it wasn’t only the players who really enjoyed it – the trainer did too. It’s worth bringing this into training sessions......

Soccer training dribbling

Double Round

Let’s go! Get familiar with the drill. After it’s been explained once in slow motion, the players will quickly understand this drill. You only need to make sure they keep up the pace. Keep increasing the pressure by keeping......

Soccer training dribbling

Dribbling Relays

These drills are intended to show how easy it is to liven up seemingly boring forms of training. For dribbling relays, you need two teams that are then divided further into two teams each. Be sure to make the group sizes small......

Soccer exercise goal-shot

Cross Shots

A fun and very effective goal shot training drill. Forming four groups avoids long waiting times. This drill is also ideal for warming up before games, possibly without the use of cone markers......

Soccer exercise warm-up

Round Trip

In this drill, we’ll be introducing a special kind of short journey. Don’t let the animation confuse you – we’ve only shown one group so as to keep things clear. Several teams can play on the field at once; this will make the field quite......

Soccer exercise warm-up

Monster Rectangle

We call this drill "Monster Rectangle" because the marked-out rectangle can really seem like a monster for the players, if the distances chosen are very large. So vary the distances between the positions according to the age......

Tackling coach tips


Fun drill for duels: After some practicing, the attacking player will get an idea about the right moment to shout “Stop” and will use the situation smartly to score a goal by quick dribbling. Player “Blue“ dribbles to the goal on the other side......

Tackling coach tips


The prison in this drill is the marked rectangle on the image. The player, who is standing there, passes the ball and defends at the same time, without losing orientation. The team mates try to be successful, either by scoring......

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