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New soccer training drills | March 10th, 2012

We've come up with some new drills and interesting articles for you. This time we're looking at the Spanish way of playing soccer and how you can learn and practice this superior passing game.

How To Use Tiki-Taka In Soccer Practice

How To Use Tiki-Taka In Soccer Practice

"Tiki-Taka" is used to describe how the game is played by the Spanish team and FC Barcelona...We don't want to close this article without giving you a practice formation typically used by Barcelona.......

Soccer drills - goal-shot

Double Way

A pass combination with 2 goal-kicks in one activity is something special. The central player in action is the one at the top. He is not only in charge of the ball distribution, but is also the goal scorer. It should also be this way in the practice.......

Soccer training - passing


We climb towards the goal as if on a ladder. Depending on the distances, a short passing game could be implemented; wide passes and the training of the ball control can also be implemented here.......

Dribble Wave

Dribble Wave

The video shows four variations of this exercise. You can sketch your own creations in the PDF, our proposals are already there, of course. This is a simple exercise that is easy to set up and is time consuming, depending on the.......

Soccer drills - goal-shot

Goal-kick Selection

We will start with two simple sequences that will end on two goal-kicks. The second version is clearly more complicated and we recommend to combine both these activities. We show you in the video what the drill looks like.......

Talented players

On Dealing With High Performers On The Team

Talented players usually are aware of their special position and this often leads to arrogance.
In every team, there are one or two players who stand out from among their team mates in their athletic performance.......

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