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New soccer training drills | December 15th, 2011

Christmas is just around the corner and 2012 is approaching fast. We will accomplish our goal to present 200 drills on Soccerpilot by years end, even though we've not been online for a full 5 months.

Again we have compiled a range of drills from different categories. There should be something for every coach.

Have fun with our new drills,
your Soccerpilot Team

Soccer exercise - Surprise Pass

Surprise Pass

We recommend this drill not only for kids' training, but also for youth, as it has also established itself there. Concentration of the scorers and the passers and their capacity to react are the most important prerequisites for succeeding......

Tackling training

Duel Idea

It is as in most cases: This drill must "set in" for some time to work really well. Several drill fields should be set up to avoid waiting times. A pair of separated cone markers are set up at both ends of the drill field......

Soccer exercise warm up

Pass + Action

The player in our animation who is hopping is really suffering. This was the best image we could find for the animation, but many other movements are also possible. Skipping, side steps, kick backs, knee ups and more......

Soccer dribbling drills

Snake Dribbling

This drill is defined by its easy organization and great dynamics. Use the easy setup to have more than one practice field ready. This makes the groups smaller and the waiting time is decreased. We’ll show you what is possible in this......

Soccer passing drills

Long Pass

This pass can be adapted optimally to the level of performance of your team. Look at the blue cone, if you shift it further to the right, the pass becomes more and more longer and the drill more difficult. Short and long passes in a single drill......

Dribbling Inclusion Of Turns

Inclusion Of Turns

Drill for learning how to turn. Turns are a fixed part of the training for good soccer. With a turn, I open up a new instance of the play by moving "away from the opponent" with the ball. This drill makes sense in the training only if turns......

Soccer drill warm up

Tunnel System

Using markers, we’ll build a tunnel, as can be seen in the animation. The coach shouts out the way in which the players should dribble through the tunnel system. Every player has a ball and dribbles around the tunnel system......

Indoor soccer training

Diving Header

It holds a lot of fun for the players. We begin an introduction to the diving header. The hall equipment provides us with a soft mat. A soft mat is used for safe execution of this drill and eliminates the fear of diving towards the ball......

Soccer Coach

The Soccer Coach Is The Conductor

No matter what happens, the soccer coach always has the last word. How practices are run, who plays, meetings , schedules, and setting internal penalties for violations against the social structure. Often the coach also determines......

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