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New soccer training drills | October 5th, 2011

We have once again picked out ten exciting and modern soccer drills for you. Currently, there are weekly updates on Soccerpilot to help us quickly provide an appealing collection of soccer drills online.
We have listed a total of 131 soccer drills and 225 animations in our archive and are far from the end.

Have fun with our new drills and informations,
your Soccerpilot Team

exercises goalkeeper

The Goalkeeper And His Reflexes

Examples of practice drills to improve a goalkeeper’s reactions - “What a reflex!” is a sentence that is often heard in professional soccer. Certainly, goalkeepers often don’t have an easy time, what with all of the stimuli catching......

Soccer exercise warm up


Moving away from boring warm up drills, have a look at the animation. This is what makes practice fun while still reaching learning goals. You cannot see much braiding going on in this drill. We will build up to that, going from easy to hard......

Soccer exercise warm up

Moving Pass

A very complicated sequence. Don’t despair if this drill doesn’t work at first. Once it does work, this drill can become a favorite during warm up. When carried out at high speed, it is a very intensive drill......

Soccer exercise dribbling

Lightening Swap

A dribbling competition for the kids. You don’t need motivation when it comes to children’s soccer competitions. The children love every game in soccer as if it were a competition. Two groups move throughout two playing fields......

Passing exercise

Speed Pass

A quick competition game results in a feeling of accomplishment! By quickly passing the ball, attackers can create the space that they need to finish successfully. An exciting drill with a competitive feel to it.....

Passing exercise

Flank Combination

We start a flank attack! Note: the double filling of positions was avoided in the animation to maintain clarity of the drill rules. Each position can be filled twice or more, the positions at the cones 1 and 2 must be occupied twice.....

Passing exercise

Hurdle Technique

One takes a training hurdle, builds it in a passing game and soon the training becomes much more interesting and diverse than before. The hurdle interferes and it should exactly do the same. Our Soccerpilots dolls do it quite well.....

Soccer exercise tackling


During this sequence, the receiver should skillfully perform a fake, so that he can be passed to. The ball can only be passed to him once he has completed a fake; we want to force the attacker to do this......

Soccer tackling

Tandem - Double

Securing the back area by doubling on the attacker. To describe this is a way that you can picture, we’ll call this defense formation "tandem defense". Both defense players try to stop the attacker from getting through by creating......

Soccer exercise goal-shot

Triple Shot

Competition in shooting at the goal. Shoot idle balls from the run at the goal. This drill can be intensified along the running path. Remember, this is about training to shoot the ball at the goal, not endurance training......

Soccer exercise goal-shot

Cross Pass

The beginning of the practice could also be interpreted as ball coordination training. Short slalom dribbling and then comes the tricky ball exchange. The exchange will only work with a lot of involvement and good sense of direction......

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