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New soccer training drills | September 6th, 2011

There are 26 new drills online with 45 animations and new ideas in the 'tactics', 'techniques' and 'coaching' sections as well as new, interesting news items in the magazine.

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We haven’t put the complete list here; we have linked the drills in the menu.
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Passing soccer exercises

4 new drills, 11 Animations

Under the heading of ‘passing’ we have added 4 drills and 11 animations. The menu starts with ‘groups of two’. From short passing games to individual training, every instructor can find something that suits their team’s ability ......

Soccer exercise goal-shot

6 new drills, 8 Animations

It starts in the menu with ‘pursuit’. It starts in the menu with ‘pursuit’. The drills include passing, dribbling and chasing for every age group and all ranges of ability should get something out of them. The drills are very often carried out with success during training sessions......

Soccer exercise dribbling

8 new drills, 18 Animations

In the dribbling menu you will find the first new drill called ‘dribbling circles’. Everything you need for effective soccer training is there, from close ball control, through speed dribbling, turns and feints to goal scoring......

Soccer Back Four

Back Four - Structured Exercises - Shifting

8 drills - 8 animations| This collection of drills allows you to teach game formations on the field, without giving a complete theoretical introduction. For teams with a basic......

Train with your head

Train with your head

No one can do more than they dare! You can teach yourself soccer-playing technique. It begins in your head, not in your feet. This should be complemented by hard work, tireless practice and constant repetition......

Header - Basics

Header - Basics

Different types of header techniques: header from a standing position, after jumping with both feet, after jumping with one foot and Diving Header. With every technique the ball can be directed by body turns.......

Soccer - The Right Game Tactics

Soccer - The Right Game Tactics

How to find the right tactic? Which tactic is the right one? In soccer, there is no easy answer to this question. This article will cover which factors a coach should take into account, in order to find the right tactics.......


Anzhi Makhachkala – Soccer is Madness

What, never heard of them? Then we can enlighten you, seeing as we have already learnt the name by heart and try to introduce this club to every conversation about soccer.......

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