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New soccer training drills | September 20th, 2011

Our news for today consists of a total of 11 drills, 2 Articles and 46 animations.

Please note that many drills begin with the introductory drills and are expanded and sometimes made considerably more difficult by additions. Therefore do not click it off if an drill seems much too simple for you, or that you may already know it; we will always show you the enhancements.

Have fun with our new drills and informations,
your Soccerpilot Team

Soccer exercise warm up

Coach Dribbling

This practice unit starts with a drill sequence that involves no organization. You only need a ball for each player. Otherwise, you’ll have long waiting times for bigger groups, which should be avoided. This sequence allows new dribbling paths......

Soccer exercise warm up

Rows Of Two

Individual animations demonstrate each variation in this drill series. Form small groups during training to avoid long waiting times. Begin with a simple pass-and-run game. When warming-up, it’s important not to introduce drills......

Soccer exercise warm up


Here it’s essential to keep your bearings and to avoid hindering other players. The idea behind this drill is to concentrate on free dribbling on the field and on short passes. The more players that are on the field, the more difficult......

Soccer exercise dribbling

Group Dribbling

This is the introductory drill of this series; classic and simple, it is therefore not a great challenge during practice. Dribbling, dribbling, and dribbling – using both legs and being quick. The first two players from each row......

Soccer exercise dribbling

Three-Play Drill

Practice dribbling techniques successfully. This is a drill series for dribbling with short passes, tricks and at a fast pace – in three-player teams. Player "Blue" dribbles, after receiving the ball from player "Red", around the diamond......

Soccer exercise goal-shot


This drill joins goal-scoring with concentrated passing and confident ball work. Goal-scoring drills can often be combined with other technical basics. Passing or dribbling frequently distracts beginners from goal kicks......

Soccer exercise goal-shot

Classic Ball Delivery Update

Every soccer player and coach knows this drill, so we’re using this sequence as an introductory drill for this training unit and will up the skill level as we go. Once it works perfectly, remove this drill from practice......

Soccer exercise passing

Play Against The Wall

In this -wall game-, the player uses his fellow player like a wall during play. The wall player tries to bounce the ball exactly against the other player. The term -wall- doesn’t fit exactly, since playing against a real wall would result......

Soccer exercise passing

Creative Pass

A small drill or an introduction to the lob pass between two defenders. The players decide themselves where the pass should be played to. Use the row of cones to mark off-side; this makes the process much more difficult......

Soccer exercise tackling


Intensive one-on-one training in small groups; we recommend a maximum of four players. This makes it possible to always have a one-on-one, while the other two players have an active break by being pass receivers......

Soccer feints - tricks

Plantar Turn

This turn is much more difficult if it is done at a fast pace, which is why it should not be underestimated. Doing the turn and pulling the ball towards you with the sole of your foot shouldn’t be a problem......

Learn how to play soccer

Space Allocation Using The Example Of Small-Field Soccer

... In order to give due consideration to the points above, I have shown here forms of practice for space allocation. These forms of practice are not tactical ways of kicking.......

The Puberty


How do I behave as a coach towards a team of teenagers in their puberty? They live in their own world which often leads to the identification with a group. That is where they feel comfortable, where they can dream about changing the world.......

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