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Free soccer drills for soccer training
Soccer training online - Free soccer drills sessions for youths and kids. Informations and tips for soccer coaches. Soccer Drills Videos for Tackling, passing, dribbling, goal shots, ball control, tricks, warm-ups, goalkeeping and heading.
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Contact Soccerpilot - Soccer training
Your message to the Soccerpilot team. Soccer training online | Let us know what you think. We look forward to receiving your comments, criticisms and encouragement.
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News - Soccer training online
Subscribe to our free news. Get information and notifications about updates direct to your mailbox. Our newsletters contain direct links to updated exercises or other Soccerpilot content.
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Tiki-Taka: It's That Time Again
We've come up with some new drills and interesting articles for you. This time we're looking at the Spanish way of playing soccer and how you can learn and practice this superior passing game.
About Soccerpilot
Liability claims regarding damage caused by the use of anyinformation provided, including any kind of information which is incomplete or incorrect,will therefore be rejected.
Coach-Portal - Soccer training network
There are already more than 1,000 animations online at, as well as plenty of interesting articles by very well-known soccer experts. You can take a look at The animations often speak for themselves.
Free soccer drills for soccer coaches
Hints for soccer coaches for the usage of the soccer drills on Soccerpilot. Soccer drills for kids, the soccer drills are really offered for free. We will expand our range of free animated soccer drills for soccer coaches. Have fun with the soccer drills and informations.
Soccerpilot is looking for you as a partner
No matter whether club, team or information page, we are happy to receive any suggestion that provides our international visitors with further information on the subject of soccer.
New drills and video tactics training online
In the series -fundamentals and video drills on soccer tactics-, we have dealt beforehand with overlapping and crossing in front of goal. We have also illustrated several drills with videos in addition.
Privacy Soccerpilot
We respect your privacy, we take it extremely seriously and we take great pride in being honest, fair, respectful, and courteous to each and every customer.
Additional soccer drills online
We have posted several additional drills online again and they are available on video as well. 231 drills with a total of 420 animations are currently available online.
8 new soccer drills are online
A further seven new drills are online, and they all consist of our well-known animations, and in addition the new video animations. There is also an article on the perfect kids' and youth coach, a list of qualities that a trainer should have.
Soccerpilot produce soccer training videos
Soccerpilot uses -TactX supported by UEFA- animation software to produce soccer training videos, the likes of which have never been seen before on the internet.
On and on .... Soccer training is fun
Since we are currently working on several major projects, the time is sometimes short, but we keep our promise to release one on the home page too. Today we have released new exercises from the sections tackling drills, goal kicks, dribbling and warm up.
2012 - News soccer training
As in a new year, we are starting with many new topics. Seven new drills with a total of 18 animations, and also a magazine article, are online. There is a good probability that the first surprise of 2012 will also go online this month; it's worth waiting for.
Soccer Christmas - News soccer drills
Stay healthy, not only hundreds of new exercises will be waiting for you, but many interesting articles in the magazines and theoretical critiques, not to mention that lots of new things will happen. You’ll be surprised!
Soccerpilot - Update soccer drills
Christmas is just around the corner and 2012 is approaching fast. We will accomplish our goal to present 200 drills on Soccerpilot by years end, even though we've not been online for a full 5 months. Again we have compiled a range of drills from different categories.
New soccer drills - Flank Attacks, Orientation
It will always be continued. Today, we have 8 new drills for you that we have partly brought from a youth performance training. This does not make the content more difficult or better and if we did not mention it, you would not have noticed it at all.
News - Have fun with our new drills
Altogether, there are another eight drills with 26 animations online. In three practice sessions, we will focus again on indoor training. If you have enough lines and tires at your disposal on the field, there are two exercises that will breathe some fresh air into your practice.
New soccer training drills | November 22nd
Today’s news offers a selection of exercises from different sections. Some of these drills have been newly devised; because in addition to existing exercises, we also keep publishing completely new content.
News - soccer drills on soccerpilot
Apart from three drills from other categories, we took care of the indoor training and published five new exercises. They are especially distinguished by the fact that they build up quickly and the processes are indeed unusual but very intense.
News - Goalie, passing, tackling, goal shot, warm-up and dribbling
As we already announced in our last news, today we have practice units from FC Bavaria Munich’s youth training. Since our sections on passing, one-on-one, dribbling warm-up and shots on goal are filling up nicely, we will pay more attention to indoor training in our next news.
Soccerpilot Drills - kids’ and youth training
For now, 147 exercises are already online and we won’t stop at that. In the last week, we visited Bavaria Munich and also took a look at their kids’ and youth training. We took away some great drills from that; which we will publish.
Soccerpilot Drills - New soccer training drills
There is no reason to withhold our new drills. We publish a total of 8 soccer drills and a text classified in the headings of tricks, goal shot, warm-up, passing, tackling and dribbling.
Soccerpilot News - Soccer training October 2011
We have once again picked out ten exciting and modern soccer drills for you. Currently, there are weekly updates on Soccerpilot to help us quickly provide an appealing collection of soccer drills online.
Soccerpilot News - Update September 29th
The content of our news today consists of 10 interesting exercises, with a total of 14 animations and two articles. The article -There Is Creativity Only In We- was written exclusively by Matthias Nowak, creative and technique trainer FC Bavaria Munich (women).
11 drills online - Soccerpilot News
Our news for today consists of a total of 11 exercises, 2 Articles and 46 animations.
Soccer training News - Update September
On it goes with our extension of soccer-training skills. Scarcely a month online, and we have well over 100 training exercises. However, we are just beginning and will continue to expand;we have a few surprises in store.
Soccerpilot News - Update September
There are 26 new exercises online with 45 animations and new ideas in the 'tactics', 'techniques' and 'coaching' sections as well as new, interesting news items in the magazine.
12 new drills online
August 29th, 2011 | As promised, our next update is online and we wish you lots of fun with the new contents about training.
Update - New soccer training drills
August 21st, 2011 | Dribbling, passing, tackling, goal shot, warm-up exercises and an interesting article about FC Barcelona’s fitness training. Let’s go! Get familiar with the 8 new exercises and 11 Animations. –Today’s soccer
The animations often speak for themselves. New soccer training exercises | August 14th, 2011. Shots, Techniques, Turns and more.
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Soccer Magazine – Miscellaneous about the ball
What is possible these days? Ideas for an interesting and successful life as soccer coach. Being a coach is work, which includes being also at the base without getting rich.
articles 19 pages
Muscle Pain After Soccer Matches Or Training!
Getting Rid of Pain… Causes and Prevention - Everyone has experienced it –you get home after training, your leg muscles are hurting slightly, but you just go to bed thinking that you’ve put in a good training.
Tiki-Taka In Soccer Practice
Tiki-Taka is the latest phrase used to describe how the game is played by the Spanish national soccer team and FC Barcelona. Iniesta, Xavi, and many other players, had their first official competitive experiences as children playing five-a-side.
Talented players are aware of their position
In every team, there are one or two players who stand out from among their team mates in their athletic performance. This affects all age groups and is not always of advantage.
A Father as a Coach? Congratulation!
What type of problems does a father-coach face? What type of problems does a coach-child face? Try to conquer the problems of a coaching father!
Soccer Coach - The Training Plan!
Problems with the training plan - Does a training plan make sense at all? Performance gaps in the team and the training plan! The right training plan! Every coach knows this: the team’s performance gap ruins the sequence of exercises and thus directly affects the training plan.
A Soccer Player Is Developed
Whoever as a soccer player becomes specialized in certain abilities at an early stage will miss out on development phases, since each position in soccer needs different abilities. A soccer player is a person and a child who plays soccer is person, admittedly a little one.
Become The Goal-Getter Now - Practice Tips
You hit the ball perfectly, the goalkeeper leaps across the goal, but has no chance whatsoever and you will see how the ball whizzes past him into the goal and gets caught in the net. You are the cynosure of all eyes, the hero - an incredible experience.
That's how the modern goalie plays
Everyone agrees that the goalie has a central role in any soccer team. But the goalie isn't just there to protect his goal. That's because the skills a goalie needs in soccer today have become more complex.
Ice Spray – How Useful is it for Amateurs?
The pain is a warning signal sent by the body. The pain can be alleviated by the ice spray, but the injury remains. An injury can worsen when the player lacks any sensation of pain. Therefore, do not numb the player, just to make him continue playing.
The Goalkeeper And His Reflexes
Examples of practice drills to improve a goalkeeper’s reactions. Certainly, goalkeepers often don’t have an easy time, what with all of the stimuli catching their eyes. But where do these reflexes come from?
How Much Does A Soccer Coach Earn?
Coaches who are at the top of their game easily earn eight figures. Being a soccer coach can be a very lucrative job, but anyone wanting to be a coach for this reason should think again. The chances of being able to live off of a coach’s salary are very slim.
How to play soccer with the left foot
Every soccer player dreams about being able to control the ball equally well with both feet. But let's not imagine anything, since one foot will always be the weaker one; this is no different for professional players, either.
The Soccer Coach knows a thing or two about soccer
No matter what happens, the soccer coach always has the last word. How practices are run, who plays, meetings , schedules, and setting internal penalties for violations against the social structure. Often the coach also determines who the team captain is.
Anzhi Makhachkala
FC Anzhi Makhachkala is a Russian football club from Makhachkala,the capital of Dagestan, which was founded in 1991. Since 2010, it has been playing in the Russian Premier League.
FC Barcelona - Modern Fitness
Modern fitness...without any stupid running. Barcelonas fitness training is absolutely the opposite of the received wisdom of the world of soccer, as well as that of other trainers..
Be well prepared for a free kick!
You will hit it and the goalkeeper does not have the slightest chance! The perfect shot is the only thing that counts right now! If your head is into it, the shot .....
What is the US team expecting?
Klinsmann is a hard worker and he will completely clean up the national team. He loves some typical US training methods, especially those related to fitness and motivation.
My name is José Mourinho
Hardly a coach was ever so popular and unpopular at the same time as José Mourinho. Quotes of the best soccer coach in this world. He started his career where they are despising him.
Soccer training on your smartphone
So off you go: Mobile soccer training. Grab your phone and go to! We wish you lots of fun with our mobile soccer training. Animations can be used to guide and correct exercises in real time.
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Trainer – character planning and organisation
The Soccer Trainer | Becoming a soccer trainer is not difficult, but the disillusion often does not take long. As trainer you are responsible to supervise your team age-appropriate.
articles 9 pages
Modern goalie training in soccer
Everything a goalie should control. Requirements of a good goalie, footwork, hand use, goal kicks, drops, catch and flight. Early targeted goalie training is a mistake
Soccer training is dumb - Drills practice
Repetition without the repetition - Who doesn’t know this? The players complain again about boring practice contents. But how can I offer a variety during practice? Many coaches constantly repeat drills.
Youth Coach / Kids’ Coach for Soccer
Nobody is perfect! Who is infallible? Are you aware of how strong your performance should be? Work, related to kids’ soccer and youth soccer is often underestimated. Role Model Function of a Kids or Youth Soccer Coach
The new kind of creativity in today's soccer
In today's era of -standardized and aggressive playing- creative players are needed in every position. Exactly what do we mean by creative soccer? Is creativity trainable at all, and if so, how?
Rituals in Children's' Soccer
Rituals have great meaning for soccer – also for adults. Before a game, certain procedures must always be repeated in order to ensure the expected performance.
The One-on-One Talk in Soccer
Properly conducted one-on-one talks. When is a one-on-one talk at all necessary? How do I lead a talk in the right direction? What happens after the talk? Lots of questions, lots of answers!
Diversified soccer training
Children need repetitions and rules. They love rituals but they also love surprises. Therefore please plan your training properly and review the contents constantly and critically.
Train with your head - soccer coach
You can teach yourself soccer-playing technique. It begins in your head, not in your feet. This should be complemented by hard work, tireless practice and constant repetition.
Rules for Handling a Kids Soccer Team
The kids should never be compared among one another in the team or with other teams. The kids should develop their own personality and performance – comparison can cause great psychological harm. Wrong action can make the kid feel inferior and underachieving.
tactic 1 page
Soccer – Tactics, Basics and Practice Units
Zone defence, man marking, back four, shadow cover, counter play and much more. We concern ourselves with developing explanations and practice methods.
articles 19 pages
System Of Play – Foundations of the 4-4-2 - Soccer
The 4-4-2 is the most played formation in today's soccer, at least in terms of performance. In general soccer, the 4-4-2 in much less common in practical use as too many people are afraid of the back-four and coaches and players alike feel more comfortable with a sweeper.
Soccer Tactic - The Back Four
This collection of exercises allows you to teach game formations on the field. For teams with a basic understanding of the back four, these exercises serve as an addition to practice sessions
Soccer Tactics - Crossing In Front Of Goal
The fundamentals and video drills to learn crossing in front of goal - Crossing across the penalty area in front of goal is a simple tactical method of confusing defenders and to get into space for a targeted pass or a shot on goal.
Soccer tactics - overlapping video training
Overlaps are one of the most well-known moves and are seen in every game, especially professional games. At the end of this article you'll find four video tutorials that will help you get started with overlapping.
Space Allocation Of Small-Field Soccer
In order to give due consideration to the points above, I have shown here forms of practice for space allocation. These forms of practice are not tactical ways of kicking the ball around, but they concern making space allocation on a small field an essential feature.
Soccer drill forms - Learning Counterattack
Counterattack game is a tactical maneuver to score the goal as soon as the player acquires the ball. This requires a good set of attack actions. The times are long gone when the counterattack game was significant only against a team that forcibly opened its defense due to a goal deficit.
Shadow Games - soccer tactic
Make your team aware of the theory of the -Cover Shadow-. To this effect, look at illustration A. The ball player is situated directly in front of the defender.
Basics of the Back Four – Practice Examples
13 graphics - easy to read. The introduction of the back four (ball-oriented defence) means: The entire team moves in direction of the ball, not only the back four defenders.
Soccer - The Right Game Tactics
This article will cover which factors a coach should take into account, in order to find the right tactics. This can be completely different from game to game and therefore it is important that the coach is well prepared.
Structured Drills - Shifting
Free dribbling. When called, players should quickly get their bearings and chose the shortest route to the sideline. Good spatial awareness is an important prerequisite for a successful back four.
The Back Four - Teamwork
Every player tries to create the required formation. Quickly gaining one’s bearings and noticing gaps are the goals of this exercise. This is a good and easy introduction to defending in the penalty area.
Structured Drills - Organisation
This exercise is made more difficult by passing and by the position of the ball at the end of the sequence. Players must be mindful of more than one task at a time and must concentrate.
The Back Four - Rectangle
In the back four, defenders pay great attention to the distance between themselves and others. In this exercise, we’re trying to develop a feel and an eye for keeping distance.
Soccer Tactic - Structured drills - Fan
We’ll constantly change the distance between players in the back four. Once the players get into a routine, the exercise speed should be increased further. Dribbling also increases the difficulty.
Structured Soccer Tactic – Navigation
The difficulty level of this exercise can be increased by short, quick passes. The distance between players should remain constant during the sequence.
The Back Four – Triangle
The other players react quickly to his actions and maintain their distance to one another. It doesn’t look like it, but we’re practicing defensive moves. The players are reacting to change, quickly and precisely.
Dynamic shifting of the defence
The defenders pass a ball to each other within the marked zone. This requires a dynamic shifting of the individual defenders. The sequence in our illustrated example.
Attack from the wing position - soccer
In this unit, as the animation implies, an attacker moves on the wing. The attacker controlling the ball is in the center of the field. Once the attacker is in zone 1 .....
Dynamic shifting of the defence in training
In this sequence, as indicated by the animation, an attacker moves in the defence center. The attacker controlling the ball is located in the center of the field.
technique 1 page
Soccer Coaching – Basic Techniques
What shooting, passing or other techniques are there and what's their correct execution? What must I pay attention to as a soccer coach? We provide the answers.
articles 8 pages
Soccer Techniques - Drop Kick
The dropkick is largely similar to a volley. With the drop kick however, in contrast to the volley, the ball touches the ground during the shot.
Soccer Techniques - Foot Pass
The -inside of the foot- or instep pass is the safest soccer pass.Because of the large contact area between the ball and the foot, very precise passes can be executed.
Soccer - Outside of the Foot Pass
Passes at full speed can be done easier with the outside of the foot than with the full instep kick or -inside of the foot- pass, particularly in the close distance.
Soccer Techniques - Chip Cross
The chip cross is also suitable, amongst other things, for goalie deflection, clearance and volleying. The power of the cross is of secondary importance, clean execution is what counts.
Soccer Techniques - Dribbling - Basics
Dribbling is one of the fundamental aspects of soccer. Without good dribbling basic training, the player in possession stands no chance against the modern defender in a tackle.
Throw-In Technique with Practical Tips
The technique of the throw in is basically determined by the rules, but there is some room to achieve a more successful throw in, especially over a long distance.
Soccer - Controlling with the Chest
Controlling the ball with the chest is technically difficult and is used in play when there is sufficient room for secure control. Anxiety is often associated with this technique ....
Soccer Techniques | Header - Basics
Header training - This means a range of appropriate balls, the creation of the basics of the header training. If there is any pain in the training, it will be difficult to get a certain enthusiasm for heading in the future.
social 1 page
Social Competence of a Soccer Coach
Social responsibility and team management. The functions of a soccer coach are very manifold and the social responsibility of soccer clubs becomes more significant.
articles 4 pages
Team Sports Trains Social Behaviour
The formation of a soccer personality includes most particularly the correct social behaviour, aside from multiple important developments. Only a good team climate will result soccer success
Mickey Mouse Cup - Joystick Coach
I was so excited and proud …. my own team. We created a team slogan, we bought the newest footwear. Training prepared us for our first game.
The Psyche Of The Littlest Soccer Kids
These are the youngest stars in soccer. I am intentionally omitting detailed descriptions of training methods or behavior patterns in playing... The kids were introduced to other kinds of sports only later.
How do I behave as a coach
They live in their own world which often leads to the identification with a group. They can dream about changing the world. Why can’t this be a soccer team?
Video 1 page
Soccer training – Video Portal – drill video selection
Videos soccer drills - soccer training animations and videos! Our animations and soccer training videos Incidentally, our animations for soccer training are enjoying popularity. Through our videos, which we’ll be implementing in many training units and tactical illustrations.
goal-shots 1 page
Soccer – Goal shots – drill selection
Training units for goal shot training. Scoring a goal is one of the best experiences in the game of soccer, which is why additional motivation by the soccer coach is not often necessary
exercises 58 pages
Goal scorer - sprint soccer drill
The future goal scorer hast to sprint quite a bit, so it doesn't slow down the drill. This routine is very difficult because different run patterns have to be kept and players often get into trouble doing so, especially after the position changes.
Pass combination with 2 goal-kicks
A pass combination with 2 goal-kicks in one activity is something special. The central player in action is the one at the top. He is not only in charge of the ball distribution, but is also the goal scorer.
Goal-kick selection drill
We show you in the video what the drill looks like. First only one player is known, however as the drill goes on, his team-mates will have to quickly adjust to the drill.
Crossing in front of the goal
We are not trying to carry out tactical training here. Crossing in front of the goal is just a little extra technique that you can learn from this exercise.
Soccer training – Goal shots | Goal Frenzy
I feel a little bit sorry for the little goalkeeper. Something similar could happen to your goalkeeper if his teammates really pick up the pace and he has balls flying at him from everywhere.
Goal-shooting competition -soccer training
A goal-shooting competition which promises to be exciting. In our animation, we’ve shown two groups of four competing against each other. If the player scores with his first shot, a team-mate passes another ball to him.
Soccer - simple goal shot practice drill
In the introductory drill, we have a simple goal shot practice drill which is carried out on two sides at the same time. Accurate passing to the goal shot position could become a problem.
Goal shot comnination drill - Soccer
Procedures aimed at scoring goals during soccer drills can often be combined with interesting pass sequences. Here, we need four groups of players, and the stations should at least be double-crewed.
Soccer - Simultaneous Goal Shots
This drill is conducted starting from both sides at the same time, but not before the coach gives a signal. Double passes are then made and the attackers take their shots on goal at the same time.
Soccer training – Goal shots - Curve
Soccer coach tips - The animation shows you a very effective exercise for practising goal shot training. After every shot at the goal, the players change sides.
Goal shots – Final combination
Short passing is getting more and more important in soccer. In this exercise, we will perform a goal shot after some short passing. The final pass becomes especially important.
Soccer coach tips - Organisation drill
This exercise is a -top exercise-. The players exploit the diversion caused by running around another player, and take a goal shot directly after coming out of the turn
Movements Soccer drill
The player moves through the cone markers, and supporting players -trainer- passes to set up the goal shot. This is a simple training exercise.
Soccer training - Give and Go
The way the exercise works is described clearly in the animation. The first player in the starting row plays a short pass to the receiving player. This player then controls the ball.
Shadow shots | Drills soccer
This exercise uses shadowing in three ways to get to a goal shot. This looks easier than it is in practice, because the ball needs to be passed sideways whilst moving forwards.
Shots Soccer drills
A fun and very effective goal shot training exercise. Forming four groups avoids long waiting times. This exercise is also ideal for warming up before games.
Soccer training – Goal shots - Changeover
The aim of this exercise, apart from ball control, exact passing and goal-kick, is to train the concentration in stressful situations.
The goal shooter tries to score a goal
When the trainer gives the call, the exercise begins. The goal shooter tries to score a goal; while doing to, they are pursued by the other player.
Soccer training – Goal shots - Lanepass
Let the goalkeeper play a role in this exercise. If the pass is made badly, the goalkeeper is allowed to leave the goal and prevent a successful goal shot.
Rapid Goal Success
The winner gets two points, but the second player also gets the point if the goal is scored successfully. Use a competitive element to create competition and motivation in children’s training sessions.
Soccer training – Sprint Shot
The players start at the same time. The red player sprints to the left or the right, past the black player, receives the pass, and makes a shot at the goal, all from a sprinting position.
Slalomdribbling and goal shot
The players each dribble twice through before making the goal shot. The dribbling path needs to be followed correctly so that the player leaves the dribble course in the direction of the goal.
Goal shots - Double Chance
The player with the ball should decide which variation he will try. In both variations, the defense will hardly have a chance to stop the striker. However, the goalie should sense the striker behind him.
Control goal shots - soccer
Passing or dribbling frequently distracts beginners from goal kicks, so avoid extensive additions to goal-scoring drills; they only put the learning process at risk. But that is just a brief aside, let’s get to it.
Classic Ball Delivery Update
Every soccer player and coach knows this exercise, so we’re using this sequence as an introductory drill for this training unit and will up the skill level as we go.
Soccer practice - dynamic goal shot
The way this practice field is set up allows for great variety during practice. The cones in the center are set up in the shape of a five-sided-dice. Passes from the front are also possible, but we have stuck to showing passes from the side.
Soccer practice - Competition in shooting
Competition in shooting at the goal. Shoot idle balls from the run at the goal. This exercise can be intensified along the running path. Remember, this is about training to shoot the ball at the goal, not endurance training.
Goal shot soccer training - Cross Pass
The beginning of the practice could also be interpreted as ball coordination training. Short slalom dribbling and then comes the tricky ball exchange. The exchange will only work with a lot of involvement and good sense of direction.
Flat And High - Training soccer
Thus, the difficulty varies during the sequence. Start with flat passes in the entire action, and then the players get used quickly to the running and passing lanes.
Soccer training – Goal shots One-Eighty Turn
A player runs to the two cones that are placed at some distance from the goal. He turns, with his back facing the goalkeeper. After arriving at the cone, he receives a pass from a forward passer.
Double Ball Lay-off | goal shot soccer training
A short slalom is formed at some distance, to the left and to the right of the goal. Before the players start, they perform a body feint at the first marking. Please refer to the animation for the formations and dribble ways.
One side double pass - soccer training
Two double passes to one side of the field before the shot! The players will need lots of space for this one, take into account the distances from the goal. Some time will need to run the exercise before it works the way you imagine.
Goal shot drills - Cross Delivery
The beginning of this drill is straightforward and easy; it gets more difficult in the subsequent drills. The only thing that may lead to confusion amongst players is the line-of-sight to the poles. This is a part of the drill; the players start simultaneously.
Ping Pong - Soccer goal shot drill
You should be a little bit careful before carrying out this drill. To avoid risks, you can forgo the blocking attempt. In this drill, the kicker alone decides when and from where to shoot. He must move sideways very dynamically for the shot on goal.
Soccer drills goal shot - Pressed For Time
It’s amazing how easy it can be to force players to take their eyes off the ball before a shot on goal. In this drill, which starts as a chase, the shooter looks to see where the goalkeeper is. Should I shoot against the direction he is running or is there enough space in the other goal corner?
Goal shot drill - Soccer training
The drill includes: shot on goal, running around, ball positioning, goalkeeper training and concentration. If this drill works, then the team will have a great team-success experience. Great drill – very difficult to carry out!
Soccer drill sequence goal shot
In the drill sequence, we have illustrated two ways, how the scorer can advance towards the goal. In the first version, he drags the ball backwards, using the right foot in the -open position- and moving past the cone marker.
Kids soccer training - drill sequence
We recommend this drill not only for kids' training, but also for youth, as it has also established itself there. Concentration of the scorers and the passers and their capacity to react are the most important prerequisites for succeeding this short drill sequence.
Shot at goal - Soccer coach drill
You often have to react at lightning speed to get a shot at goal. We‘ll try to simulate this with this drill. The players who are directly involved in the goal scoring process, don’t know beforehand who will shoot.
Technical Drive - Soccer drill
This is a great scoring drill that can be set up quickly. The players will have lots of fun with the technical aspect of it, and there's a huge amount of educational content.
Combination Triangle - Soccer passing combinations
Smaller triangles have a greater effect because they give us the ability to use some different passing combinations before the shot on goal. We have listed four combinations here, but we'll leave the rest up to your imagination.
Soccer training - One-two and short pass
A complex training unit for goal shooting practice with lots of movement and a difficult passing game at the end. We have shown the double-sided variation in the animation. The practice sequence can also be carried out on just one side.
Running Around | Soccer training
The rest of the exercise can be seen very well in the animation. Remember: the pass from the goal line is made just before the line.
Different goal shot techniques
A defender attempts to disrupt the proceedings. Attackers should take advantage of speed, and try to go right up to the goal shot, where the defender will hardly have any chance at all.
Drill procedure goal shot
The player with the ball should pay close attention to the defender. Give the players some time to get used to the exercise. This goal shot soccer training programme is already a very demanding one.
Soccer training | update the classic version
The animation makes the sequence clear. The person receiving the ball is in the center and is meaningless to begin with; they can be substituted for a marker. The passes to the wings are difficult and the distances are far.
Pass to the player in the center
Now the player in the center is allowed to join back in. He kicks the ball to the wing positions, and in doing so, decides from which side the shot on goal will be taken.
Pass to the player on a wing
Pass to the player in the center or on a wing. When the ball is passed to the player in the middle, he is responsible for the remaining course of events.
Slalom dribbling and goal shots - soccer coach
The players start slalom dribbling through the cones. The exercise will start immediately with a fast pace, the two with wingers is then very difficult to implement. Continue with the exercise, this process corresponds to the initial exercise.
Drill practice goal shot - soccer training
At the end of this drill, we will set up another feint before the shot on goal. The players must now think of many things at the same time when they perform the exercise. Concentration, dribbling, two double passes, tricks and goal, everything at soccer practice.
Pole goal soccer training
When the players have passed the first pole, they pass to their teammate through the pole goal. The shot on goal should then be sought straight away. Beware of the different starting position as compared to the first drill.
Surprise pass - soccer goal shot
The player at the yellow cone marker begins with the drill by running towards the goal. The trainer is not in the viewing range of the running player and points to the left or to the right through an arm sign.
Soccer training - the players shooting on goal
If you want to increase the difficulty a bit, put a couple other players on the field to make easy, accurate passes to the players shooting on goal. It is not easy to receive a pass, control the ball, perform a maneuver, and finally be in a good position to score.
One-two soccer drill unit
Now, the one-two comes into the picture. The passer must receive the ball well, so that he can pass it on with precision. With some practice, the passing game can be carried out with just direct passes.
Short pass - soccer drill sequence
For a moment, we’ll leave the theme of this drill sequence and go into the dribbling before the shot on goal. This unit is important to get a feel for the other two drills in this sequence. We don’t need the passers anymore.
Soccer coach - direction of movement
Now, players and the soccer coach should be ready to make the sequence a little more difficult. This shouldn’t be a big problem after our introductory drill. The pass to a teammate is hard to time, because it is made opposite the direction of movement.
Difficult last drill sequence - Soccer training
Have you already looked at the animation? It looks great, doesn’t it? The last drill in this sequence is really difficult. There are many ways for it to go wrong, which is why great concentration is needed; make your players aware of this.
Goal-shot soccer drill - Direct receiving
Did you notice the difference in how the drill is carried out? The players in the centre now look in the other direction, because the ball will be passed to them from the other side. The groups get mixed together by this.
dribbling 1 page
Soccer training – Dribbling – Soccer drill selection
The exercises have been optimised for group training sessions and for P.E. lessons. Ball control, and gaining a feel for the ball, are the two most important parts of a soccer player’s training.
exercises 94 pages
PDF - Double Way Dribbling Drill
The video shows four variations of this drill. You can sketch your own creations in the PDF, our proposals are already there, of course. This is a simple drill that is easy to set up and is time consuming, depending on the amount of variations you offer.
Soccer - Difficult dribble path
The exercise has two slalom paths, which merge into each other. This leads to an encounter that demands concentration. Two groups dribble in a loop around the different-colored cones.
Cone Path - Video drill soccer
Please take a look at the video which accompanies the drill, where we have increased the practice area. Make the dribbling paths as narrow as possible, so as to force the players to use their soles when pulling the ball around the cone marker.
Mouse Hole - Soccer training video drill
The simplest way to build this drill would be having a centre circle at your disposal. In order to avoid shortcuts, the circle can be closed further by ground markings.
Curve dribbling - Soccer coach
Drills that are not contextually assigned to just one category, but have a focus nevertheless are, the current trend. This form of drill is included and primarily consists of dribbling. At first glance, it looks a lot more complicated than it is.
3-goal contest - soccer training
Our 3-goal contest is a simple, but captivating drill. There is one special feature. The players share only one cone-circuit, which significantly narrows the dribble track.
Dribbling drill - Easy Match soccer
Children love competitions in soccer. Children don’t need any more incentive to speed up their dribbling. In the animation, two groups are playing against each other.
Soccer coach tips - Dribbling
A very intensive dribbling exercise. The distances between the lines should be very small, especially when the exercise is being done by children, and should not be greater than five metres.
Four-Field Dribbling Drill
This drill is an example of this. Speed, different techniques, competition and different group sizes – this drill has them all.
Loop - players dribble along curves
The players dribble along curves of different lengths and are therefore forced to keep their heads up to see where they are going.
Stopping The Ball - Soccer
Carrying out this action after moving at full speed often causes players problems, because they start paying attention to the other ball too quickly.
Soccer training - Dribbling Relays
For dribbling relays, you need two teams that are then divided further into two teams each. Be sure to make the group sizes small, so as to avoid long waiting times.
Double Round - Dribbling training
Get familiar with the exercise. After it’s been explained once in slow motion, the players will quickly understand this exercise. You only need to make sure they keep up the pace.
Dribbling circles - soccer practice
This is an easy exercise and is perfect for teaching children the basics during soccer practice. It can also be used as a warm-up exercise before games.
Players stand in a row with a ball
In this introductory exercise, only the player standing at the back dribbles. The others remain standing and the ball remains untouched.
Soccer training – Dribbling - Criss-Cross
Dribbling is made more difficult by other players, who are also dribbling balls. Players’ paths cross twice and they must take their eyes off the ball.
Soccer training – Cone Dribbling
We have shown the first option in the animation. Don’t forget to compete. Have fun playing soccer, but learn at the same time. This exercise unites these two things.
Children’s soccer practice
In children’s soccer practice, that is all the motivation you’ll need. This exercise is also good for older players; you can omit the name of the exercise. The sequence is very intense.
Soccer training – Dribbling - Zigzag Goal
You can vary the exercise and increase the difficulty level by moving the yellow cone closer to, or farther from, the goal. This changes the dribbling angle.
Soccer training – Comb Dribbling
The coach should give short, clear instructions about which variant should be used. The distance shouldn’t be too long; we’re practicing dribbling.
Group Dribbling - Soccer training
This is the introductory exercise of this series, classic and simple, it is therefore not a great challenge during practice. Dribbling, dribbling, and dribbling – using both legs and being quick.
Soccer training –Three-Play Drill
Practice dribbling techniques successfully. This is a drill series for dribbling with short passes, tricks and at a fast pace – in three-player teams.
Soccer dribbling practice
Dribbling and rotating over and over are what this drill is about. The layers keep running to new markers on the practice field. Always train using both legs! Correct errors individually.
Soccer training – Dribbling - Team Groups
In our animation, we have made two groups out of every team. These groups will then play together and are dependent on each other. We’ll start with an easy dribble-relay competition.
Training – dribbling competition for kids
A dribbling competition for the kids. You don’t need motivation when it comes to children’s soccer competitions. The children love every game in soccer as if it were a competition.
Centre Circle Dribbling - Soccer
We use the centre circle to create centrifugal forces when dribbling. Two-legged training, speed and various dribble techniques and a contest - this is what the drill offers us.
Soccer drill - Cross pass duo with turn
An important part of this drill is the turn at the cone, from where the pass to the teammate is immediately made. -Immediate- means soon after the one-eighty with a lot of momentum.
Soccer training - Organisation dribbling
Take a close look and you will see three squares in this drill set-up; each one has its own function in the drill and we will use one square more or less in the variations. As is often the case, you can create your own variations.
Soccer skill - Change of pace
A fast pace combined with a great deal of skill and then one more thing enters the mix: the shot on goal. That makes for tight, close dribbling; then look to finish the sequence quickly.
Soccer dribbling practice training
The focus of this exercise is on dribbling. We will also practice shots on goal and one-on-ones. The player on the left side of the practice field should start at the coach’s signal to make sure that the timing is right.
Sequence dribbling - soccer training
We create four different variations of this game set-up. The sequences make it possible for each group to start with a ball at the same time; this is a matter of course for the last sequence. Changing sides automatically leads to players utilizing both legs equally; make sure to look out for this.
Soccer drill - Dribbling Chicane
Keep an eye on your players and you will quickly see who is trying to cheat. The competition takes place without a start command at first; the second player may only start when the first dribbler has reached the cone. That won’t work and there will be more than one false start.
Soccer caoach dribbling drill - Orientation
The drill looks very obscure in the animation. However, the action becomes clear quickly and the players will easily understand the purpose of the dribbling path. At the fast pace, placing the ball quickly becomes the problem, and without concentration and a feel for the ball, the ball will also be lost.
Snake dribbling drill - coach organization
This drill is defined by its easy organization and great dynamics. Use the easy setup to have more than one practice field ready. This makes the groups smaller and the waiting time is decreased.
Soccer training - inclusion of turns
Drill for learning how to turn. Turns are a fixed part of the training for good soccer. With a turn, I open up a new instance of the play by moving -away from the opponent- with the ball. This drill makes sense in the training only if turns were practised beforehand.
Incorporating feints - Soccer drill
An easy drill for incorporating feints. It is based on the drill -Incorporating Turns-. Whenever possible, every exercise should be expanded to include feints and tricks. Nothing is more important than practicing ball control and gaining a feel for the ball.
Competition drill - Soccer coach tipps
Pay attention, or else this drill won’t work properly. Concentrate on the coach’s commands, since he decides who can dribble. This drill is also great to do as a competition. Not necessarily as can be seen in the animation, make it a duel.
Soccer training dribbling drill - Double Square
There are a variety of dribbling paths in the double square drill. As an example we have shown six such paths. We'll start with a simple drill, take a look at the animation to the right.
Spider soccer training dribbling drill
Only later on in this drill does it become obvious just how hard it is for the players to figure out the right way to do this drill, just watch them carefully and you'll see. This drill is pretty orderly because only one player from each group moves to the practice field at a time.
Kids soccer training - dribbling in a team
The animation shows you a simple dribbling training. The paths are understood quickly, letting you focus completely on the dribbling techniques. This drill is great for kids soccer practice
Organisation of the training drill
Players need to keep their heads up, their eyes open, and still manage to dribble competently. Some ball losses are inevitable, especially at high speeds.
Coach tips - dribbling relay drills
In the centre, the ball is tightly dribbled around the marker with the foot. Pay attention to high speed and the use of both legs in all dribbling relay drills.
Coach tips - Clear instructions
On this animation we haven’t shown it, but it’s also possible to have the players dribble around a marker in the centre of the field. Many, many more variations are possible.
We want training sessions to be varied
This series of exercises, expanded to fit your own ideas, can fill up a whole training session. The emphasis here is on the word -can- we want training sessions to be varied.
Ball handover in the centre
No ball handover in the centre; instead, targeted passes to a partner. This is the difference between this exercise and the previous one. The players’ dependency ........
Player who is dribbling the ball
One more fun bit: when the coach gives the command, the player who is dribbling the ball changes direction and returns to the starting position. This exercise depends on speed.
Drill - clearly shown in the animation
This increases pressure on the player in front, who cannot afford to make any mistakes. The resulting chaos is clearly shown in the animation.
Soccer training - see the animation
Only then will the exercise work. Keep doing high-speed dribbling and try out new techniques. Children have no problems with this sequence and enjoy the non-stop team dribbling.
Drill procedure - soccer dribbling
The positions must be staggered in relation to the dribble path. Please also remember to try different dribbling techniques during this exercise.
Soccer - Dribbling in a Row
This is a fundamental exercise that complements dribble training in children’s and youth soccer practice. The last player overtakes the row and takes the position at the front.
Soccer coach tips - dribbling row
The players are to help the dribbler. That is why more distance between players is necessary. The last player dribbles in a slalom through the row and takes the position at the front.
Your job as coach - dribbling
This is a lively cone course, moving forward. It is not always easy for the dribbler to turn the ball in time while dribbling. The first tries will look terrible, but then they will understand the sequence.
Keep your head up - Dribbling
The exercise is more difficult for players than the animation leads you to believe. Dribble paths cross often and can surprise the dribbler. He should keep the ball close.
Players dribble around the cones - training
The dribbler will wonder what is happening when someone suddenly wants the ball. The ball is passed from the dribbler to another player in the center of the practice field.
See Tricks for different turns
The yellow player dribbles around the red cone, the black player dribbles around the blue cone. A turn takes place at the second cone. The animation shows one turn as an example.
Soccer training – increase the difficulty
The players dribble to the first cones. They then swap balls by passing them to each other precisely, stopping their ball, and dribbling back to their starting group.
The players dribble to the first cones
The pass is carried out while running – see the animation. The recipient of the pass starts dribbling the ball straight away. This exercise looks easier than it actually is.
Around the cone - soccer dribbling
We’ll continue without passes; instead, the two dribblers paths will cross after they go around the cones. They then join the other row. The paths will cross of those practicing – just like you can see in the animation.
Soccer training – Organisation
Now things get difficult. The ball being dribbled is quickly passed through the other player’s dribbling. Additionally, player’s paths cross and they must control their own ball. Many different things happen at the same time.
The pass is played around the cone
Each player then passes the ball to himself -see animation - as a diagonal pass while running. The sequence is demonstrated clearly in the animation.
Dribbling, passing, and controlling the ball
Don’t lose heart. If this sequence works, players will gain some confidence. If you have followed this exercise series from easy to difficult, then I’m sure that your team should be able to manage this drill successfully.
See different feints on Soccerpilot
Player -Blue- dribbles, after receiving the ball from player -Red-, around the diamond. On the opposite side, the ball is passed to player -Black-, who lets the ball bounce right back. Player -Blue- then dribbles to the other side again.
Organisation dribbling drill - soccer
Now it’s time for all three players to start moving. Watch the animation carefully; the player who is running takes a pass -in the back- and includes receiving and controlling the ball into his dribbling.
Soccer technique - Dribbling, tricks and passing
Advanced training, children’s training, youth training, seniors. And now we’ll add some tricks to the mix. Pay attention to technique during dribbling, tricks and passing.
Soccer – Competition drill
The players in each team swap balls when they meet each other on the dribble path, and they will meet each other. They should make sure to give the ball over in a controlled manner, not pass it.
Soccer – Dribbling variations
We have one more example, but even more variants are possible; we’ll leave that to your imagination. It is important that the ball really comes to a standstill when it is placed in the center.
Lightening Swap – kids dribbling
Two groups move throughout two playing fields. Each player dribbles a ball. There is an alley between both fields. At the coach’s signal, the players place a foot on their ball.
Coach signal - soccer dribbling
Three cones are in the corridor, representing markers for two goals. On the coach’s signal -goal one or goal two-, the groups quickly switch fields, by dribbling through the goal that was announced.
Swap - Organisation soccer training
This was predictable. The players leave their balls behind and sprint to the other field. Don’t forget the different dribbling techniques.
Slalom Dribbling - Coach tips
Each of the players dribble through the three cones in slalom formation. This is followed by the sideways dribbling around half of the centre circle and then a slalom to finally move towards the other side.
Soccer training dribbling drill
The circle is completely surrounded - this is the difference when compared to the preceding drill. The ball sticks to the foot and is led to side away from the cone in the slalom.
Soccer training tipps - Three Squares
Have a careful look at the beginning of the exercise. After a feint, the players dribble around the start marker on the right-hand side and then turn into the slalom course.
Change direction - soccer feints
To this, we’ll add a change of direction, of 45 or 180 degrees, depending on difficulty. Every soccer player can change direction, but the quality should differ greatly depending on ability and age. At the cones, feints, turns or just simple movements can be included.
Soccer dribbling drills - Three Squares
Enough with tactics, the only thing that counts now is speed. This makes the center of the field even more chaotic and players have to be careful to avoid bumping into each other. Please don’t forget the optimal conditions for a competition that should definitely take place.
Dribbling drill - Equipment set-up
The way to set-up the equipment is described in the first exercise. We’ll now start from all positions at the same time, but with only one ball on each side of the drill - just like in the first exercise.
Dynamic skill - soccer training sequence
It stays simple and because it’s so simple, demand dynamics, paired with a fast pace and excellent ball skill. Please keep in mind here also that the sequence can be carried out from all positions at the same time.
Dribbling tricks - soccer turns
For the finale, players can open their box of tricks. Ok, it’s only turns, but they are often very demanding and are included in the -tricks- section. Never demand something of your players that they have not yet practiced.
Dribbling training drill - Orientation
The players go around the cone in the center and !! join the groups that are opposite the starting groups!! The execution should now be firmly fixed, so that we increase the pace further. The ball is guided close to the foot by dribbling around the cones; it is also possible to use the sole.
Soccer drill series - coach tips
The center cone is gone around one and a half times. The player then joins the group that is posted to the left of his starting group. It sounds comical, but that is the problem. At the end of each drill in this series, the players have to join different groups.
Soccer series of dribbling drills - Orientation
There is more change in the last step. If you watch the animation closely, the action quickly becomes understandable. Don't take the whole series of drills lightly. The dribbling paths are not simple. High concentration on the action of the drill.
Soccer technique sequence - Dribbling drill
We’ll change the sequence of the introductory drill by adding a turn by the players when they meet in the center. Either the players make a free turn, or they use a previously learned technique.
Training series - soccer timing drill
Timing is the most difficult part of this series. The players must raise their heads and adjust their speed so that they really meet in the center. The ball swap should first be carried out with a lot of feeling so that balls don’t get lost.
Slalom dribbling - soccer practice field
The two first players from each group dribble through the short slalom. When they meet in the center of the practice field, they swap balls using short passes. The ball shouldn’t just be handed over, pay attention to the passing.
Drills - timing and dribbling, ball turnovers
Good timing and dribbling, precise ball turnovers and then an exact pass back. Not more, but also not less; which is why it is important to be patient with your team. For this sequence to work, no problems should have appeared during the previous drills.
Soccer training - players dribble around the cones
Now it gets a bit trickier. Have the players dribble around each of the middle cones. Make sure to gradually increase the pace and watch for good ball control, especially when dribbling around the cones.
Soccer training - Good ball control challenge
The paths of the players will begin to intersect each other. Good ball control isn't enough anymore, now they have to avoid running into each other as well. This will begin to really challenge the players.
Soccer training - Dribbling competition drill
Again, this drill should function as a competition between the two active players. Afterwards, the players should leave their side of the field and join the opposite group.
Soccer training - The players have to concentrate
The dribbling path changes once again. Your players should start to become a bit confused. Pay close attention to the way that they are dribbling, the players have to concentrate.
Soccer ball control - coach tips
Start off with an easy diagonal speed dribble, then follow it up with another curved path. Alternating between close and loose ball control should come about automatically because the players want to finish the drill as quickly as possible.
Dribbling drill - starting the drill
In this form, I would use the drill to warm up, because the pace cannot be as fast as in the introductory drill. Definitely avoid overstressing your team. When starting the drill, distribute the players equally at the individual wickets.
Dribbling practice field - Soccer drill
Now we’ll create some disorganization during the dribbling. Things will get tight for players in the center of the practice field. Crashing is a hazard; to avoid this, the ball must be kept close to the foot.
Dribbling running concentration - Soccer drill
The distance to be covered is increased. All of the running and dribbling paths remain simple; but now concentration must be kept for longer. The pace can be increased even more on the outer lane.
Dribbling course - Mouse Hole training
We extend the dribbling course. The players are now in each other's way and should avoid collisions. Remember to switch the starting positions of both groups in order to really train both legs.
Soccer dribbling competition
Wow, now both groups are dribbling around the circle in the same direction. This is also fair during a competition, as the left group dribbles into the circle only through the second cone goal.
animations 1 page
passing 1 page
Passing and combination play - Soccer
The passing game and the combination game are among the forms of play that produce the greatest acceptance in soccer. Passing is possible only when the fundamentals of soccer prevail.
exercises 68 pages
Ladder - Goal shot passing game
Depending on the distances, a short passing game could be implemented; wide passes and the training of the ball control can also be implemented here. The passing lanes are easily explained, but their execution is more difficult.
Combination play - soccer training
-Team of six- is a drill for people skilled in combination play. Attacks from the front, from -wall players-, and also from the wings. In the penalty area comes skilful use of space, and, if the trainer wishes, defenders.
Drill sequence - soccer passing animation
It is not sorcery, but just clever soccer that allows anentirely realisticsmooth drill sequence. Do not commit the mistake and start the drill straight away from both sides at the same time, as shown in our animation.
Soccer passing drill - Lane Pass
This drill appears to be complicated. Once the sequence has been understood, the drill becomes more and more simpler. Besides passing, this drill trains the vertical, quick through ball.
Simple drill for kids soccer
Simple drill for kids soccer; it is also suitable for youth soccer when played at high speed. Drills need not be difficult always. This drill can be imparted quickly and includes many aspects that should not be missing in kids and youth soccer.
Passing sequence soccer - classic drill challenge
A classic drill that challenges your players and motivates them, once trained. A real team experience! The drill continues like this, becomes more and more faster and the sequence always safer.
Pass Distributor - Passing soccer drill
This passing drill was copied from a professional team, and the special thing is the player at the center. He really has to work hard and constantly adapt to new situations. The permanent turns demand a high degree of orientation abilities.
Passing soccer training - Gates
Three gates, through which the players constantly offer themselves to receive a pass, are what define this drill. We will start off easy, then increase the difficulty level.
Triangle Passes - passimg drills
Passing drills that only use one ball are often particularly difficult. If one pass doesn’t work, the players have to reorganize and find their positions again, and if the ball rolls away, they need a new one.
Soccer training – Passing drills
In the animation, we have considered only a pair of players so that the representation is not too confusing. Competition - Which pair makes the most goals in a given time
Imaginary Rectangle - Passing
There are many plays in soccer with a ball that is suitable for children or youths. Why shouldn't plays help us to make the training appealing?
Group Pass | Give And Go
This exercise can be incorporated in training not only for children's and youth's soccer. -Older- people can also get the necessary ball security from this training.
Extra Player - Soccer training
The playing field is divided into two equal zones. In one zone, 4 attackers play against 2 defenders. Two players of the defending team are located in the other field zone.
Soccer Passing - Row Race
It looks comical, it's hilarious and fun, the row race. It is important to let the exercises run longer to achieve the greatest possible success from training.
Pass Feed - Passing drill
A player is -fed- with two balls. This exercise acts like 3 against 1, but it isn't really that. The 3 players are passers and 1 player is the receiver.
Cone Marker Turn - Passing
I think you’ll be able to tell from the animation that this exercise is not an easy one to carry out: without accurate passing and good communication between partners, the exercise won’t run smoothly.
Soccer training - passing concentration
An exercise which we picked up a few years ago from a Brazilian soccer trainer. When the exercise was carried out, it wasn’t only the players who really enjoyed it
Soccer training – Passing | Center Pass
One note to begin with: in this exercise, the starting player always calls a number. Two players in the center of the practice field begin the exercise. They each stand at one small marking.
Soccer training – Passing | Box Passing
The practice field for this sequence can go around the penalty area, depending on the players age group and skill level. We have limited the field with two markers in our animation.
Soccer training – Groups Of Two
For expansion exercises on Soccerpilot, we nearly always start with a simple routine so that the players can get used to the training unit.
Drill Combinations In A Circle
A simple exercise for basic passing training. This exercise can also be used effectively as a warm-up exercise before a match. This training unit also encourages -speaking- when playing soccer.
Soccer training – Passing - Intensive drills
Passing training for one player. As a responsible soccer coach, you should ensure that the player in the middle is replaced regularly. This exercise is simple, but very intensive.
Short Passing - coach tip
The running paths in this exercise are very difficult. The players will need to pass accurately, as well as concentrating on running in the correct path.
Play Against The Wall - Soccer
In this -wall game-, the player uses his fellow player like a wall during play. The wall player tries to bounce the ball exactly against the other player.
Creative Pass | Soccer training
The players decide themselves where the pass should be played to. Make sure to be patient with your team, it can take a while for players to get the order right.
Speed Pass | Soccer competition drill
A quick competition game results in a feeling of accomplishment! By quickly passing the ball, attackers can create the space that they need to finish successfully. An exciting drill with a competitive feel to it.
Flank Combination - Passing training
We start a flank attack! Note: the double filling of positions was avoided in the animation to maintain clarity of the drill rules. Each position can be filled twice or more, the positions at the cones 1 and 2 must be occupied twice.
Hurdle Technique - soccer training
One takes a training hurdle, builds it in a passing game and soon the training becomes much more interesting and diverse than before. The hurdle interferes and it should exactly do the same.
Soccer dtill - Magic Square
All said and done, how do I start this drill? First, we need a marked square. Each position should be occupied by at least two players during the drill. At the drill start, each of the balls is with a player at a corner.
Game for kids soccer drill - Running Pass
A great game for kids soccer drill. A good set-up of the cones is necessary for this drill. Each position should be occupied at least twice. Always train using both shooting legs!
Soccer practice - Short pass game
These short passes are precisely what we want to practice now. A short pass is executed quickly, without a long ball control, to surprise the enemy. The drill sequence is easy to understand and quick to implement without any tool. You only need enough balls.
Drill with three players - Pass-Party
In this passing exercise with three players, a player is put under a lot of pressure. Don’t forget to swap these players frequently; the content is aimed at practicing not only simple passing, but also passing under pressure.
Soccer training - precise passing timing
As indicated in the animation: this is not going to be easy. The problem lies in the players’ precise timing. Passing by the passer must occur at the right moment and the running players’ task is to be readily available as the pass receiver at all times.
System Passing - Soccer training
We will challenge you and your team with this exercise. The distances between the individual positions in the animation are very short. The distance of the right and left markings can range throughout almost the entire field width, therefore the path ways and pass ways become even more difficult than it is visible here.
Passing drill - Soccer coach tips
This drill can certainly be called difficult, when it’s carried out with a lot of dynamics and at a fast pace. We send a player to “passing hell”. Surrounded by four players, he faces a great challenge of serving all of his teammates with short passes.
Pass-Stop and Overlapping - soccer
The animation shows two players on the practice field. It is possible to also put more than one pair on the start position, who then alternate constantly. Good experience for running behind the ball in soccer.
Short and long Pass - soccer drill
Look at the blue cone, if you shift it further to the right, the pass becomes more and more longer and the drill more difficult. Short and long passes in a single drill sequence, including pass and running lanes that the players need to cover.
Goal shot soccer drill - Tower Pass
The shot on goal is taken from the tower’s roof. It looks easy, but what happens when the groups all start at the same time? The diagonal running paths cause problems, which are deliberate.
Soccer training practice - passing combinations
Great combinations and a successful goal is something that every coach wants. Can this really be done? It won’t work just by practicing static combinations. That would leave us with well-practiced plays that are almost meaningless in practice.
Soccer - Short Passing Team Drill
This soccer complete training will ask for quite a bit from your players and you. Each starting player has a ball. When there is another player in the center, the drill can kick off.
Soccer drill - sequence of passes
The action of the drill is actually difficult, because it concludes only after some short passes. The sequence of passes therefore has to function well, and this happens only when the sequence is understood.
Passing Training - Soccer Coach
The passing exercise changes because the players then make a double pass at each wicket before they can head for the next gate.
Description - Passing Training
The -imaginary rectangle- stays with us also in the next exercise; only the running path changes. Running on the diagonals makes the exercise somewhat more difficult
Pass Feed - Passing variation
This exercise variant looks completely different, but the basic idea is still identical. We bring action into -feeding- for all the participating players.
Different passing techniques - Soccer
Now we’re going to step the exercise up a notch by introducing longer running distances and letting the players choose who goes next when they receive the ball.
Soccer - timing of passes
Now the running really starts. Increase the speed, but avoid overloading the player. Change the roles of the players after a short while. This exercise looks easier than it is.
Precise passing - soccer coach tips
The exercise continues, continually getting more difficult. You’ll now need four cones or markers. With a little practice, this is the most effective way that there is to teach passing.
Soccer training – Passing Circle
This exercise only works with an odd number of players in the circle. Children really enjoy this passing game, because it only works with teams. The player with the ball passes to the next player.
Soccer - Children concentrate
The previous exercise only worked with an odd number of players in the circle; this exercise only works with an even number. The situation is harder to concentrate on.
Soccer - more balls for larger groups
You can increase the intensity of the exercise by using two or more balls for larger groups. This means that the children will need to concentrate on much more things than in the standard exercise.
Soccer - all players are moving
Now, all players are moving around. The exercise is harder because the running direction is the opposite of the passing direction. We now need another ball for the exercise.
Intensive passing training drill
The position of the middle player is no longer required. At the beginning of the exercise, two players are positioned at an outer position, and the front player has the ball.
Soccer training – Passing - Running Pass
Unlike the first drill of this series, the ball is not passed at the centre of the field. We begin immediately passing from the start position. This does not make the passing drill difficult, but only different.
Passing soccer drill - coach tips
In this variant, both groups play together. Although it is a bit confusing at the start, it turns out to be a very effective passing drill later. As a coach you need to memorise the sequence well to explain the passing and running courses.
Soccer coach – Short Pass
The player runs towards the first player in the triangle and receives a short pass. Then the player dribbles around the passer and makes a short back pass to the -blue- player. And on and on!
Coach tips - Soccer short passing
Caution: No ball is with the players in the triangle. The player now has a ball. As it is, this drill is more difficult than the previous ones. The player dribbles towards the first player in the triangle and makes a one-two as a short pass.
Soccer training – Passing - Motion Run
If the timing in the initial exercise works correctly, you team should be ready for another challenge. The progression is not significantly affected, but technically, it becomes a lot more challenging.
Soccer - next level - timing drill
Now we take the level of difficulty, to find the appropriate timing, to the next level. Not only do the ball distributer and the player depend on each other. Late comers or bad passers will hold up the exercise. This increases concentration and the pressure on each player.
Soccer drill practice - Overlapping
Not much changes in this extended drill. An additional pair starts from the other side of the practice field. The players must now find space for the drill; keepings one’s bearings and running behind the ball is much more difficult now.
Soccer training - Short control passing play
We slowly begin to step into our variations. Short passing play with good ball control, and if you want, without control; but then it becomes really hard. Push your players, because only you know their capabilities.
Soccer action training - drill animation
For this action, we still need only one ball, which on the other hand does not make the drill easier. You can now see clearly the possibilities that this drill structure offers.
Soccer drill procedure - Passing Magic
The positioning is the same as for the initial drill. The starting player passes to the third position, and from there the ball is paced on the second marker. The pass receiver moves the ball along to the fourth position.
Soccer drill procedure- Lane Pass
The difference to the previous drill is in the fact that the start player dribbles through this space enclosed by two cone markers, before the pass is made.
Animation sequences - Soccer training passing
The excitement continues - watch the animation closely. The running paths, dribbling and the passing sequences change completely. The pass receiver gets the ball at the right moment.
Rectangle drill - diagonally passing
The balls are in two diagonally facing rectangles at drill start. The pass is made from these rectangles to the other drill side. The passers then exchange their rectangles.
Passing drill sequence- Soccer
The entire sequence can made even more difficult if we post an additional group on the opposite side of our cone cluster. Now, even higher concentration is needed since it is the pass distributor who decides across which side the action ends.
Passing receiver - soccer training
Now, four players start at the same time, making things more confusing for the passer. He must now not only find his receiver, but also follow his path.
Soccer passing dreams
So now we’ve reached the goal of our passing dreams. Only one player starts with the ball, but this time, two other players come in from the other side.
tricks 1 page
Soccer Tricks, Feints, Turns – Drills
General ideas about soccer feints, tricks and turns. For all players we present a collection of animated tricks. As a soccer coach, you should start teaching tricks.
exercises 15 pages
Soccer training – Puskas -Trick
By the forward movement sidewise past the opponent, the defender needs to accelerate, followed by abrupt stopping of the ball and change in direction.
Maradona - Genius and Lunacy
To some this trick will be known under a different name. We are of the opinion that Maradona was first to apply it, hence it bears his name. In the end, it does not really matter....
Soccer training – Tricks
In animation, the moment of the turn is presented slower than live, when the turn is very quick and full of dynamic. The ball is always played from whence it came.
Flickball - Soccer Trick
The Flickball is a simple trick which also exists as 180 degree turn. In our animation, the execution is limited to around 90 degrees. Speed will be added only after the movement has been mastered.
Multikick - Trick
In order to learn the sequence, the ball should be kept slightly ahead of the player, followed by kicking the ball back and forth with a slight hopper. Think of an imaginary defender.
Portugal Twist - Trick
When the animation was finished, I couldn’t really make much of it. But in our box of tricks, you should always be able to clearly see exactly what needs to happen, and when.
Soccer training – Tricks - Stepover-Back
The rotation and the start after the turn are done explosively, as normal with tricks and turns. Exercise the motion sequence slowly and then try to increase the speed considerably.
Soccer tricks – Beckenbauer Turn
We couldn’t leave out this trick made famous by Franz Beckenbauer, der Kaiser. It’s difficult to come out of this exercise at high speed -see animation-. The ball is played with the sidefoot.
Soccer tricks – start in slow-motion
From dribbling, we step with the right foot over the ball and then kick the ball around the right leg with the left foot. The right foot shoots the ball to the right. End with a speed dribble.
Plantar Turn - Soccer tricks tips
This turn is much more difficult if it is done at a fast pace, which is why it should not be underestimated. Doing the turn and pulling the ball towards you with the sole of your foot shouldn’t be a problem.
Upper Body - Step Over Fake
This move combines two different movement sequences. Of course, both can also be practiced separately. As is often the case, the sequence is shown in slow motion.
Soccer training tricks - Kick Forward Move
The movement sequence will become really difficult only at high speed. The problem is caused by drawing in the ball sideways and then kicking with the left foot. What is difficult are not these actions, but the execution while moving forward.
Soccer training – Ronaldinho-Trick
Ronaldinho was Soccer Player of the Year in both 2004 and 2005. His trademark is his unusual ball handling. There is probably no soccer player who has created as much magic and as many tricks as he has.
Soccer training tips – Touch and Turn
Observe carefully! The ball is stopped with the left foot, then the left foot is placed in front of the ball. While turning, the right foot just touches the ball and pushes it onto the other side. Just a gentle kick is needed for this.
Soccer tricks – training drill
The procedure can also be taught well with just a wall. The most frequent mistake is for the execution to take place at the first contact with the ball. The ball must not be stopped here.
tackling 1 page
Soccer training – Tackling – Drill selection
During training the execution of tackling exercises is often problematic. Even though tackling is considered an exciting part of soccer while also being essential for games...
exercises 41 pages
Goalie will open the counterattack
A perhaps well known drill with a different implementation. We include the goalie in the practice routine. He will open the counterattack. Another uniqueness is, that the first passer later belongs to the defending team.
Soccer drill tackling - successful training
Ok, now we would like to see who sprints faster. This is a great duel that guarantees successful training and a lot of fun. The players sprint around the field after the coach has issued the start command.
1:1 Surprise Effect - Tackling
All players are paired up. The players are passing the ball back and forth and the passing is always direct. One player moves forward, the other one backwards.
Doubled eye of the needle - Tackling
The attacking players try to dribble through the traffic cone goal from the left or right. They start at the same time, so the defender can only block one side.
Quick Adapting - Tackling drill
Quick adapting is required. After the shot, the attacking player becomes immediately the defender and looks for tackles. Change of positions after the end of the exercise
Turnover - Coach tip tackling
In this exercise, we simulate a turnover and that way force an immediate switch to tackling. After passing the ball through the improvised goal, the first player will immediately try to win the ball back.
Rectangle - drill soccer training
This exercise will only work if the defender starts out semi-active. This means, he blocks the attacking player without trying to win the ball.
Changes from short to long passes
This passing game involves constant changes from short to long passes, as well as the constant one-on-one action between the two players in the middle.
Stop - Fun drill tackling
After some practicing, the attacking player will get an idea about the right moment to shout “Stop” and will use the situation smartly to score a goal by quick dribbling.
Soccer Prison - Tackling drill
The team mates try to be successful, either by scoring or crossing the cones goal. This exercise is always a big success with the players.
Duel - soccer training
Only well-targeted passing, good ball control, keeping to the running paths and a successful duel will make a goal possible at the end of this sequence.
Drill procedure - Soccer
Coaches can sometimes be unfair – and that’s exactly what’s required in this exercise. Pass the ball to one specific player, who then has to hold his own against one player
Endless tackling training - soccer
Two teams stand diagonally opposite each other. At least two players should be standing at each corner in the square. At the start of the exercise, an extra player from each team is positioned inside the square.
Goalie Ball - soccer tackling training
The goalkeeper decides who the attacker and the defender will be. He brings the ball into play by means of a flat pass or by rolling it in. The player who received the ball immediately attempts to pass it to his teammate.
Large Groups - soccer tackling training
When the coach gives the signal, the players pass the ball to each other as accurately as possible. When the coach gives the next signal, the player with the ball should dribble the ball forward.
One-to-one | training tackling
Intensive one-on-one training in small groups; we recommend a maximum of four players. This makes it possible to always have a one-on-one, while the other two players have an active break by being pass receivers.
Soccer drill - Tackling wave
For this drill, we need one player to pass the ball and two groups. The starting players stand at the first cone. They move between cones on demand.
Unfair tackling - Soccer
This attack is really unfair, as you can tell from the animation. It involves three attackers with two balls against one goalkeeper. But be careful! The attackers can quickly get confused and lose the balls
Soccer training – Tackling One-on-One
This drill is very easy to carry out, but you should still take care. Avoid long waiting periods and make additional practice fields; some players dribble and dribble and dribble...
Offering - Soccer training tackling
During this sequence, the receiver should skillfully perform a fake, so that he can be passed to. The ball can only be passed to him once he has completed a fake; we want to force the attacker to do this.
Tandem defense - soccer tackling
Securing the back area by doubling on the attacker. To describe this is a way that you can picture, we’ll call this defense formation -tandem defense-.
Soccer coach - Twin duel drill
The coach is also engaged in this drill. His job as a ball distributor is very important, as he controls the game. In the animation, the coach is the player, -black-
Soccer training – Tackling - Overlapping
Overlapping is often referred to as -circling- and is a simple group tactic game form that is also used by professional soccer players time and again. Pay attention to this when observing the game. Overlapping is simple, yet incredibly effective.
Soccer training – US soccer coach
This drill was recommended to us by a US soccer coach. With the help of our colleagues, we are currently developing a more comprehensive drill module for tactical training.
One-on-one Change - Soccer training
This is difficult for the coach, because he must always take care that the numbers he calls are not already on the field and have a good eye for the right moment to give commands. Finally, the coach has a job he can really concentrate on.
Soccer drill | Tackling
At first, this drill seems to be out of place in the -Tackling- section. However, one-on-one situations happen frequently on the field, because the attackers have been clumsy, or the defender has provoked mistakes or a one-on-one through aggressive defending.
Drill - Ball depot soccer drill
This drill is somewhat complicated to setup and difficult to follow through with it. Instead of three attackers in the center, two or four if possible and instead of just one defender, two. I would vary this depending on the number of people.
One-on-one tackling soccer training
Players have to produce two one-on-ones right off the bat, who is offense, and who is defense in these one-on-ones won’t be decided until the drill has already started. The attacker in the first one-on-one has a good chance of scoring a goal.
Flank attacks soccer training
We produce duels continuously at the flank positions. To this end, we demarcated duel zones on both sides straight away. These zones can be marked at the penalty area; they should just be large enough to allow the forward reach the LOS more easily or penetrate the penalty area.
Passing drill - Double Gate - soccer
In this drill the distances between the stations play a large role. The smaller the distance of the offense from the cone gates, the more likely the breakthrough will succeed. Fast passing increases the chances for the offense.
Duel Idea - soccer tackling training
A pair of separated cone markers are set up at both ends of the drill field. The distance between them should be about 3 meters. Two markings for the start are made at the center. A defender stands at the space between each pair of cones.
Center player - Soccer training tackling
Your players, especially the forwards in the center, decided how the attack will end. Will the center forward go straight to the goal, or will he choose the variant with a pass to the wing? Will the lob reach the center player, or will the player on the opposite side take the shot?
Soccer drill - passing and defending sequence
This drill is defined by duels during the sequence. The aim is to stop a goal from being scored and to dribble through the cone goal on the other side. It is important to quickly switch between passing and defending.
Soccer drill - One-on-one until the goal combination
We‘ll start this drill series with an easy introduction. Still, the first drill shouldn’t be underestimated; it is too important for the development of one-on-one behavior. The standard will become more challenging during the following drill.
Soccer drill - Spin shot - sequence of this drill
The sequence of this drill is decided by the attacker in the goal area. He decides whether he wants to set up the ball for a shot, or if he wants to take the shot himself. If he wants to set up the ball, he should pull the defender away from the shooter with a feint or a change of direction.
Soccer tackling drill - Goal Shot Blocker
In this drill, we will be dealing with the well-known mental barriers which need to be got past. To do this, we will be working on the goal shot and integrating this situation into the drill. Who doesn’t like looking at the ball after they’ve made the shot, or runs after the ball?
Tackling - Soccer drills
We were just in the mood to produce another animation. Because in comparison to the first exercise, the following changes: Is the player able to use the element of surprise to score a goal?
One-on-one play - soccer training
One-on-one play only takes place here, which allows the ball receiver to better prepare for one-on-one play. This prevents the exercise from being interrupted when the ball is received.
Training soccer - Tackling and passing
Now we want to see what your players can really do. With a lot of dexterity and imagination, the two offense players try to outsmart the defenders by passing. The distances between the central passer and the attackers have to be corrected appropriately....
Soccer training - Defender practice field
Now we have an attacker and two defenders on the practice field. As a consequence, the first defender can defend much more aggressively, since the second defender is securing the area behind him.
Soccer training - defenders should communicate
The defenders should communicate. The third step makes it more difficult for the defender to stop the player breaking through. Another group is added, which supports the attacker. The second defender should now not only secure the back field, but also keep an eye on the second defender.
warm-up 1 page
Soccer training – Warm-Up – Drill selection
Warms up with a ball! If not, it is just playing catch or activity games. Warming up is an introduction to the main part. This should correspond to the latest opinions on modern soccer practice.
exercises 77 pages
Soccer practice drill - warm-up
With a bit of imagination our practice structure looks like an electrical socket. The players on the sides of the rectangle are constantly moving and constantly adapt to the players in the center of the drill.
Arrowhead drill | video warm-up
Please be sure to watch the video to see the variations. We’ll start with something easy and then increase the difficulty level with the variations. Players should master this drill before we move on
Advanced training, youth training, seniors
From their groups, the player start moving towards the first cone. From there, they move into the slalom, where the players meet. They need to be especially careful here, and avoid running into each other.
Warm up doccer drill - Highway
The drill starts at the top right of the field in the animation. Simply follow a ball from there until its return; this would then spare a long explanation of the drill sequence.
Soccer playing field - Spider drill
The larger you make the playing field, the more endurance your players will require. A smaller playing field makes the drill more difficult in that it requires more skilful technique.
Groups of three soccer drill
In our groups of three, the player in the middle keeps having to cover long distances. Therefore, you should make sure that the players in the groups switch positions after each run.
Video drill warm-up training
Make sure to watch the video where we show a more difficult variation of this drill. This drill starts of fairly calmly, but this is just the beginning.
Soccer training – Warm-Up
Funny warm up for children, a good time for every age. Laughing and silliness should be part of the training, so please do not interfere.
Soccer - Dribbling On Command
This is an easy exercise for warm up. The whole space should be occupied for this exercise. Other than shown in the animation, you should limit the space by markings.
Training - Rectangle of numbers
One rectangle is divided in four smaller rectangles, which are named by four numbers or letters. After command of the trainer the player start in the respective rectangle.
Take aim and run - warm-up
Build two rows. The first player of one row gets a ball. The players are passing through a goal of pylons to the other side. This is followed by a slalom run through the pylons.
Soccer training | Action-Circle
Instead of the pictured coordination ladder you could use loops, more slalom sticks or other facilities suitable for coordination training. Try to get as much players as possible.
14 Catching and Moving Games
Catching and moving games should never be left out when training children. They develop coordination and through their competitive nature have a great fun factor. Children love these games.
Warm-up - Soccer round trip
Several teams can play on the field at once; this will make the field quite cramped, and ensures that the players really need to concentrate.
Monster Rectangle - Soccer
We call this exercise -Monster Rectangle- because the marked-out rectangle can really seem like a monster for the players, if the distances chosen are very large.
Warm-up drill - coach
Not every trainer likes a complicated training introduction. We would like to give you an example how you can create an easy but interesting exercise sequence.
Number Distribution - Warm up
This exercise is a good example of this. It keeps a large number of players moving at any one time, the next player having to run onto the training field a very short time after the player before him.
Soccer practice – Warm-Up - Quick And Easy
This exercise is a quick and easy one, that's why it's ideal for a soccer practice warmup. The bigger the individual, the tougher this exercise is so it can be changed to suit your needs and the skill level of your team.
Bib game - soccer training
This is good if you have two different coloured bibs with two corresponding cone colours. However, don’t worry because, if you want to challenge your team, it can also work with a mixture of colours.
Trade-Off | soccer warm-up drill
Here it’s essential to keep your bearings and to avoid hindering other players. The idea behind this drill is to concentrate on free dribbling on the field and on short passes.
Rows Of Two - Warm-up drill
When warming-up, it’s important not to introduce exercises that strain the muscles until after starting with some easier drills. Animation explanation: After a half-turn, continue running backwards.
Coach Dribbling - soccer warm-up
This practice unit starts with a drill sequence that involves no organization. You only need a ball for each player. Otherwise, you’ll have long waiting times for bigger groups, which should be avoided.
Soccer drill - Pressure Pass
Lots of players find it difficult to switch their brains on under pressure. In this drill, the ball gets passed and the paths are constantly changed.
Soccer practice - Dribbling And Passing
This is an interesting exercise series to warm-up for soccer practice. Dribbling, passing, pursuits and many other variations keep this exercise exiting.
Warm up practice - Soccer drill
This is what makes practice fun while still reaching learning goals. You cannot see much braiding going on in this drill. We will build up to that, going from easy to hard, even during a warm up.
Moving pass - Soccer training sequence
A very complicated sequence. Don’t despair if this drill doesn’t work at first. Once it does work, this drill can become a favorite during warm up.
Lane Drill - Soccer slalom
The ball is alternatingly moved forward along a lane and guided around the cones in the slalom. We decided on four cones in our animation for slaloms; more cones are also possible, but we wanted to create a slightly higher speed.
Soccer drills - Triangle
This series of drills is really effective, when the players have got accustomed to the drill sequence. Accurate passing game, keeping the running lanes and speed increase - demand all of this from your team.
Passing Round - training drill
We have positioned eight players inside of the circle in our animation and another eight at the circle. All players positioned at the circle have one ball each.
Warm-up | Backward running drill
You can see two different sequences in our animation. In -reality-, both groups do one variation at a time. This way, the drill is also ideal to make into a competition. Make sure a fast pace is kept when running backwards
Warm up drils in soccer - Risk
Drill-Risk - This drill has one catch. If the players do not pay attention to the way they are running, a group will tire out very quickly, then you will be missing players.
Soccer coach - Warm up training
A position switch takes place from both exercise fields upon the coach’s command. The coach can also call two names, instead of the numbers used in our animation. You can keep giving both fields different tasks.
Soccer practice - dribbling star drills
A very comprehensive collection of drills on star dribbling, which should help to make soccer practice warm-ups more diverse. This makes an intensive warm-up possible, even for larger groups. The animations clearly show the dribble paths.
Running Rows - Soccer practice drill
A good start to a great soccer practice. Two groups dribble around the practice field. Teamwork is called for, with high concentration while performing this drill.
Training - series of drills - soccer warm up
You've just managed to show up for training on time, and have no more time for extensive training? This series of drills solves your problem. Quick in structure, effective, and a good entry to soccer training.
Animation - Soccer drill - Action and Passing
The player in our animation who is hopping is really suffering. This was the best image we could find for the animation, but many other movements are also possible. Skipping, side steps, kick backs, knee ups and more. Warming up with coordinated runs and a ball
Soccer system - Dribbling tunnel system
Every player has a ball and dribbles around the tunnel system. To find a way out of this system, the dribblers follow the coach’s instructions. Example from the animation: red – yellow (red path in – yellow path out)
Soccer ball control- Training warm up
A feel for the ball, ball control and at the same time, keeping an eye on the right path – that’s all we want from this drill. For this, we have marked two dribble paths on the ground. A small curve was added between the dribble paths by placing two cones there.
Standard drill - warming up in soccer training
The partner pass is a standard drill for warming up in soccer training. This drill is used again and again in club training and sports instruction, because it is easy to understand and needs no complicated organization.
Soccer teamwork action- warm up drill
The action in this drill is across and perpendicular to the soccer field. Teamwork is the theme. The players always stay close together and carry out action instructions. The animation makes it clear.
Soccer motion cross - Warm-up training
This drill can be carried out in lots of different variations. Look at it with our zoom feature and plenty more possibilities will soon come to mind. Let the hurdle-jumping, or the running to all positions, begin.
Warm-up soccer - this drill is very run intensive
Now we have two players in the center, who constantly rotate. Always think of giving your players regenerative breaks, this drill is very run intensive.
Drill procedure – Shake Hands
We cannot resist…and bring back the ball into the game. When two players meet, the ball changes hands (one player with ball, the other without ball)
Shake Hands - Description
The player keeps the ball close to his foot. The teammates change the ball by accurate passing. The players shall use the space by as much movement as possible.
Difficult training unit - soccer
It becomes more and more difficult in this training unit. Every player without ball now gets one. This can be done by passing or by throwing the ball.
No materials required - Shake Hands
The players should be concentrated and moving. The eye contact before the ball change is important to avoid misunderstandings.
soccer training - Cowboys and Indians
The next seven catching and moving games to bring a lot of fun to children’s soccer. Coordination, competition and lots of variation: that is how warming up in children’s training should be.
Warm-up drill series
We are only presenting a few ideas as Soccerpilot animations. Balls should be included in the warm-up; this drill is a good example of that. Imagine the sequence without a ball.
Soccer - Whole running ABC
Here’s another example of the great many variations this drill series offers. The whole running ABC can be added to this drill. Practice won’t be boring, because the ball is rolling. Little hassle, great success!
Lift the knees when running - soccer training
Animation explanation: -Sidesteps – Changing the line of sight once. - Stepping: short, fast steps - Feint a header - Lift the knees when running - Kick your heels - Lunges to the left and right.
Warm-up | Dribbling and coach tips
We’ll add a turn during this next step. This is only possible if players can already do this; if not you should skip this drill. Turning techniques can be found on Soccerpilot in the -Tricks- section.
Players must take their eye off of the ball
The way to the other side of the field leads through the center; but there is little space there. The first player in each team starts dribbling, passes the coach on the right and dribbles to the other side.
The players lift their heads - Dribbling
The arrows in this animation show the dribbling path. This gets confusing in the center. The first player of each team starts dribbling, passes the coach on the right and then turns left.
Warm-up drill | Coach dribbling
The encounters in this drill get more intense and require a great deal of concentration from the players. The coach stands in the center of the field again and players dribble around him.
Passes the coach - soccer training
The coach is completely circled by the dribblers. The centrifugal forces can cause problems for players when performing this drill at high speed. The first player passes the coach on the right and circles the coach 270 degrees.
Different dribbling techniques - soccer training
The final drill in this series requires players to dribble around the coach once or more, before moving to the other side. We’ll end the sequence here, even though there are many variations that can still be included.
Soccer training - Feel for the ball
The starting player dribbles through the lane. At the end of the path, the ball is passed to the other row, as can be seen in the animation. The player follows the ball and then joins the team on the other side.
Soccer pratice - warm-up drill
This variation can also be conducted with one ball; this might be a good idea to start off the exercise. It is better to practice with more balls, however, to add momentum to the drill.
Interesting soccer training - warm-up
Have you already recognized the exercise’s progression? Both rows start dribbling the ball at the same time. Things get interesting when you use more than two balls; players have to be well organized.
Soccer training - pressure on the dribblers
After a pass and touching a cone, the pursuit starts. The pass should be converted into forward dribbling straight away; this increases the chance of not being caught.
Organisation of the training drill - Soccer drill
The braid starts and, from this point on, it really is a good drill. It’s great, for the players and the coach alike, when this exercise works and it looks more difficult than it really is.
Soccer drill - Warm up sequence
You can support communication between players during this exercise by letting them solve problems on their own. The sequence is the same as in the previous exercise.
Soccer drill - coaching tips warm-up
The passer does not follow the direction of the pass, but switches positions with the player on the other side. The receiver plays the ball back to the starting group and keeps his position.
Warm-up training soccer - triangle
An exercise that has been tested in practice and is particularly useful for youth training. The players are kept moving and the fewer players who take part, the more intense the sequence becomes.
Soccer coach - dribbling in a circle
The reception of the ball inside of the circle can occur in an -open stance-. It means, the ball is accepted in an open area of the field already. The ball is not dormant, the speed is increased as soon as the ball has been accepted.
Soccer drills warm up - coach tips
This drill is a warm-up exercise only because of a minor reason. But do not underestimate the technical requirements are much greater. The action in front of the cone must be carried out, not just implied, and it must be clearly identifiable.
Drill description - Star soccer training
Now players dribble to the center of the star and place a foot on the ball. The teammate from the other side then collects the ball. The intensity of the drill is increased when the players – after delivering the ball – dramatically increase their speed.
Soccer drill procedure - Star Dribbling
What happens in this drill when all of the players start at the same time? I hope things will turn out well, but I can’t guarantee it. Depending on the age of the players, I have experienced different results. Some players start to panic.
Soccer - Ball coordination drills
Ball coordination drills can easily be included in warm-ups. The exercise is ideal for this, which is why we don’t want to forget it. The players pull the ball back and forwards – loosely and alternating feet, with the sole of their boot.
Soccer coach tips - Star dribbling
Things get easier again. The teams switch sites one after the other. What is interesting about this variation is that the coach gives the teams names. He can call more than one name during each sequence, which will make for a tight fit in the center.
Soccer drill- pulling the ball with the sole
We’ll combine pulling the ball with the sole of the boot and high-speed dribbling. This drill requires one turn with the ball. The groups start just as in the previous drill, one after the other, or at the coach’s command.
Diagonal dribbling - Soccer warm-up
The players run around the field of cones in two groups. The distance between the groups should remain the same. The first player in each group is responsible for keeping the correct distance.
Running Rows - Dribbling diagonally in Soccer
The players run around the field of cones in two groups. The distance between the groups should remain the same. The first player in each group is responsible for keeping the correct distance. At every second cone, the groups change sides diagonally.
Double Cones - successfully warm up soccer drill
When we have successfully absorbed the introductory drill, we can raise the difficulty level. The players now try to cut across the drill field with a double pass. The second pass and the following ball receptions take place against the running direction.
Difficult warm up drills - soccer training
Your players had no problems with the first two drills? Then now it doesn't become any more difficult, since precise passing should now already function properly. We increase the pressure on each individual player, because we now have only one ball in play.
Soccer warming up in this drill sequence
The simple pass is not enough for warming up in this drill sequence. We bring a feel for the ball into the drill. From the movements, if this is not easy for all players, the trainer should correct the errors.
Soccer trainer practice - dribbling instruction
In practice, soccer trainers are often let down by their team when they present this drill. But dribbling is a simple instruction, so what goes wrong? The dribbler carries out his job without enthusiasm, or just enough for brief dribbling.
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Soccer training – Ball Control – Soccer drill Selection
Feel for the ball or ball handling. We are often asked why we do not offer a chapter on -Coordination Training-. The answer is: simply because you can find coordination training all over on Soccerpilot.
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Soccer training – Ball Control
Installation of the props for this exercise is somewhat elaborate if one intends to keep all players busy at the same time. We require for all some markers.
Soccer ball control - Loop
It is always amazing to see how much fun the players have with this exercise. To play an -arc lamp- is never simple; doing so on the run makes it even more difficult.
Soccer training - Backwards
Exercises touching on the feel for the ball are generally well received and joyfully executed by the players. They feel that they thereby expand their skills.
Technique Festival - Ball control
Make groups of three – the player in the middle is really put under stress. He needs to keep dealing with the balls which are passed to him and keep returning them to the other players.
Description - Soccer training
We now bring movement into the game and send the pairs, one after the other, to the practice field. Initially the gaps between the pairs should be larger.
Feel for the ball - soccer
In soccer we require a good feel for the ball, but not only in the foot or the leg. A -feel for the ball- means mastering and caressing the ball. Feel the ball!
Soccer drill – Ball Control
There is one sequence that we have not yet presented. If you combine the actions in the next step, e.g. head, knee, through below and catching on the back.
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Soccer training – Goalkeeper – Drill selection
Basics for goalkeeper training. The goalkeeper is often at a disadvantage. Many soccer trainers simply do not have the time to offer additional goalkeeper training.
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Goalkeeping - Targeted goal kick
Soccer training – Goalkeeping. Distance isn’t that important when it comes to goal kicks – accuracy is what counts. That’s exactly what we’re going to practise in this exercise.
One-on-one | Drill goalkeeping
Successful play in one-on-one confrontations is the sign of an accomplished goalkeeper. Staying cool, being brave, and letting your confidence unsettle.
Changes Of Direction - goalkeeping
In this unit, the goalkeeper will be moving in a circle. He runs around the cone marker, all the time looking at the ball.
Training goalkeeping - Hurdle Jump
Coordination training for the goalkeeper, involving jumps over a hurdle before the goal shot, with many different variations. Think about which other jump configurations can be carried out.
Soccer coach tips - goalkeeping
As well as what can be seen in the animation, another goal can also be set up. The goalkeeper, coming directly out of a movement, to save the ball.
Soccer training | Goalkeeper-Roll
We think it’s better to vary the ball and not only have it against the direction of movement. This stops the goalkeeper from getting used to the movements.
Soccer training – Forward Roll
The coach or a supervisor runs backwards, the goalkeeper runs forwards across the field. The ball is thrown to the goalkeeper, who catches it.
Partner Rectangle - Goalkeeping
Despite constant running, both goalkeepers should keep rolling the ball to their partner precisely. One goalkeeper calmly picks up the ball and the other stretches his upper body towards it while falling.
Double Jump | Goalkeeper soccer training
In this exercise, we let the goalkeeper do double jumps. The difficulty of this is that the goalkeeper must overcome a small movement backwards, before getting up and saving the ball.
Soccer training – Goalkeeping | Billards
Every goalkeeper should have a fast reaction speed and our billards exercise will test this. This exercise is not only very effective; it is also a great deal of fun for the goalkeeper and the coach.
Row of balls - goalkeeping training
The goalkeeper runs up to the first ball and kicks it directly to the player, who shouldn't be too far from the goal. His job is to place the ball in the right corner of the goal.
Bouncing ball - Goalkeeper soccer training
This is not always easy, but is good fun. The movements can be done by two goalkeepers at once. The individual moves can be carried out by alternating. A word about the different options: the goalkeeper bounces the ball on the ground, jumps after it and catches the ball at its highest point.
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Soccer training – Header – Drill selection
You can read the introduction into header techniques in the theoretical part of “Header Techniques – The Basics” on Soccerpilot. No need to be afraid of headers.
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Soccer training – Double Heading
Even with the head you can develop a feeling for the ball. Your players will love this exercise. In practice, a successful double heading is a great experience and it will work.
Head Scores - Heading drill
The name of the exercise says everything: It is all about scores you can get with heading. The players compete against each other and the one with the highest score wins the game.
Head Layer - Soccer coach tips
In the animation, the header is done with a run – up. For beginners it is easier to do the heading from a standing position. Start easily and intensify the exercise.
Description soccer training – Heading
We love to do the double touching of the ball with the head in training. We refine the feeling for the ball, take away the fear of heading and practice coordination.
Training drill procedure
Now it starts! The animation shows the process clearly. Your players cannot do that? You will be surprised, what is possible. Challenge them: Every player heads three times!
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Soccer training – Indoor – Drill selection
In our indoor training exercises we haven’t just considered sports halls but also gyms with limited floor space. The exercises are strongly developed and animations are included.
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Request more aggressive tackling - soccer
We are asking the players to show quick comprehension of the state of play, good passing technique and willingness to take risks.
Indoor soccer training - coach tips
Only the players that would end up heading towards the mats by following the instruction should follow it, the other players should continue in the outer circle.
Feeling Fun - indoor soccer drill
A really fun exercise should be included in every training session. This exercise is simple, does not require a lot of setting up and when training is not going well it always manages to get things back on track.
Tunnel Pass - indoor soccer
This exercise is a bit more difficult if there is only a normal soccer ball available for passing. The ball bounces quickly off the bench so it won’t always be a smooth low pass.
Mirror Training - advanced indoor soccer
They have to take their eyes of their ball. The ball must be controlled with lots of feeling in the feet, when the pace is increased.
Bouncing ball - soccer inddor drills
We have placed a player on a box, ideally this can be a second goalkeeper. Nothing would work here without proper passing and there is no second attempt for the player who passes, he has to back off and wait for his next chance.
Indoor soccer drills - Box run
The game consists of both players in the center and four groups in corners of a rectangle. We have set up a box in the center and in corners, two cones for orientation. We have set up a box in the center and in corners, two cones for orientation.
Soccer drills - Benches training
The practicing player should run swiftly down a lane between the benches and will be rewarded at the end with a shot on the goal. Quick to set up and full of variations, this exercise is for when your players stand around less, then build a lane on both sides of the goal.
Indoor soccer training - Bench barrier
This exercise can be quickly and easily set up in any indoor gymnasium, the space needed is small. At the same time we have our usual countless series of variations, three of which we've shown here.
Airball soccer drills - indoor
Not really -airballs- but long, high and accurate passes, as we shall see. Then there is the reception of the ball and in between we have set up a wall of boxes and a bench to make it tougher.
Indoor soccer - Coordination training drills
Line running is a special form of movement coordination. Players run along a line, from which they will sidestep away in progressive exercises. The result of making incorrect moves won’t be seen until later on in this series of coordination training drills.
Hoops Coordination - Indoor soccer training
Hoops are tools that can often be found in gym halls. Gymnastic hoops are as useful as a coordination ladder for coordination training. They can be used for many different soccer training programs, making indoor training extremely varied.
Bench Passing - soccer indoor drill
A drill unit for passing and receiving the ball in indoor training. Long benches in the hall are an ideal tool. The passes in this drill are always played against the benches. That only works when the benches are turned on their side.
Indoor soccer training - Diving Header
A soft mat is used for safe execution of this drill and eliminates the fear of diving towards the ball. In this drill, the mat can also be placed diagonally, which helps several pairs of players to train at the same time. Pay attention to exact throw-ins!
Line Running - Indoor training
The players run along one line. There is a cone on the line. When the player reaches the cone, he steps far to the right of the line -important: no forward movement when stepping sideways! The left leg does not touch the ground.
Coordination sequence - Soccer training
You will now, at the latest, have noticed whether or not your players have good coordination. Pressure is added by having the sequence performed simultaneously from both sides. Increase the pace up to a sprint; doing this will really up the ante.
Soccer drill procedure - Line running
This hall drill unit is almost reaching its climax. Can your players still coordinate at a high speed? Moving is one step, coordination another, and a good understanding is the culmination. The animation makes the sequence clear.
Perfect line running drill - soccer
That’s it! Perfect line running. The players change sides –facing each other- four times, then return to the line. That is fun for both adults and children. A drill sequence for every age group.
Gymnastic hoops - indoor soccer drill
As can be seen in the animation, the players run through the gymnastic hoops. Two contacts with the floor per hoop. Increase the pace of this drill from round to round, until the players are sprinting.
Jump from hoop to hoop - indoor soccer drill
Jump from hoop to hoop. Don’t pull your legs up while jumping. Relaxed and easy, that’s the motto. Description: The players jump through the hoops with closed legs, as can be seen in the animation. One jump per hoop.
Drill series on coordination training - soccer
We’ll continue this drill series on coordination training. It’s not only ideal for children’s or youth training; coordination shouldn’t be neglected in the senior groups either. The players jump through the hoops with closed legs
Jump combination for coordination - soccer drill
This jump combination for coordination could be continued endlessly; which is why we have added a few more examples as animations. Keep in mind that these jumps look easy, but they require a lot of energy. Don’t overdo it in children’s training.
Sideward movement coordination - soccer training
The gymnastic hoops are arranged in a staggered way. This adds a sideward movement to the movement coordination. Description: The players run through the hoops. One contact per hoop. Take the upper body into the movement.
Indoor training - coordinated movement sequence
The coordinated movement sequence isn’t as easy as it looks in the animation. Keep in mind that it’s a sideward movement. Description: The players run through the hoops. One contact per hoop. Take the upper body into the movement.
Soccer coach - Coordination tips
This is still missing: running backwards! The soccer coach knows this problem when it comes to movement coordination. Running forwards, that’s fine, but backwards? The players run backwards through the hoops.
Soccer coach - Intensity of the drill series
To finish this drill series, we’re going to jump again. Depending on the intensity of the drill set by the coach, the players won’t like the hoops any more. Again as a tip and a warning: When coaching kids, it’s about coordination, not strength. Never mix the two up.
Hall bench passing - Different passing techniques
We’re using the benches for an optimal passing practice in the hall. Even more movement is added to the game. A run-around, which can be very tiring if the player is not switched out quickly enough. This drill can also be carried out as a competition.
Indoor practice field - soccer training
Quick passing against the bench with a somewhat larger group. It is possible to let multiple groups train at the same time on one practice field; just pull the benches farther apart. An ideal drill unit to improve or learn different passing techniques.
Soccer indoor practice drills - Passing
Finally, we’ll play some double passes. Exact passing, different techniques and a fast pace, that is how optimal indoor training should be. As in the previous drills, more than one pair can practice at a time.
The diving header - soccer coach tipps
Let's move on with the diving header. It is quite difficult from the standing position, but the soft mat shortens the falling height considerably. The player dives from the standing position towards the ball.
Running diving header - soccer practice
Dive towards the header ball while running. The responsibility for the correct timing is with the thrower. The header player will be able to adjust his run-up to the throw only with some practice.
Soccer drill sequence - Diving Header
This is something for go-getters. In practice, I was often surprised to know the one, who not only executed the diving header at the end of this drill sequence, but also mastered it. The throw-in takes place as an indirect ground pass.
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